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Business Banking and Finances

Banking Support, Funding, Costs Drafting and Accountancy

Our financial consultancy services are extensive, ranging from offering your law firm financial management services to legal cost management to arranging basic level finance on a case by case basis. From arranging basic level finance on a case by case basis through to helping you find a new banking and partner and looking after your costs, we have the experience and expertise to provide much needed services.

1. Accountancy

We have partnered with Menzies who are a leading Accountancy firm in the UK who are experts in working with law firms providing a full range of accountancy services and solutions for law firms and their owners.

Menzies offer a full range of accountancy support and advice to law firms from day to day accounts management through to complex accounting needs.

Menzies are complete accountancy firm with an extensive range of services tailored for law firms providing value at every step.

For more information about Menzies and their service or to engage with them contact us and we will facilitate an introduction through the dedicated team allocated to our clients.

2. Banking Support

At the Strategic Partner we understand how important it is to have a solid banking relationship. We work with and alongside some of the major UK banks providing services to law firms and their clients.

We have specifically partnered with Metro Bank who have demonstrated their knowledge of law firms and the legal industry, to assist them with their banking needs providing a valued banking partnership.

However, regardless of your banker, we can help you choose your banking partner and work with you as necessary to secure banking facilities that work for your firm.

If you are starting out and need a banking provider or seeking a change to your existing provider, our business financial consultancy team are here to understand your needs and work with you to help deliver the perfect banking solution for your Firm.

3. Funding Requirements

From time to time law firms require financing and funding arrangements. Whether assistance with specific case funding through to more complex finance for Practice and resource management, we have access to funders willing and ready to lend into the legal sector.

Understanding the exact needs of as Firm's finance requirements is key to a successful and competitive finance arrangement that works for your firm.

For more information on finance options and to speak with one of our team confidentially about the need and possibility of finance, contact us and we will discuss requirements and introduce you as necessary to potential suitors for your needs.

4. Costs Drafting

Legal Costs Drafting, Negotiation and Advice is a specialist area of law, requiring extensive knowledge and experience to ensure legal costs are dealt with properly.

The Strategic Partner is proud to be working with Civil & Commercial Costs Lawyers Ltd (CCCL), one of the leading costs consultancies operating in England and Wales.

As a member of The Strategic Partner, you can benefit from discounted rates on their services. We can also organise bespoke training for your firm on a range of Costs related topics.

CCCL offer a full range of costing services for all types of legal matter from low to high value. Their services include:-

  • Cost Drafting & Negotiation
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Agency and Advocacy
  • Solicitor/Client Disputes
  • Legal Aid
  • General Costs advice and support
  • WIP Valuations

In addition CCCL offer extended services to support law firms and these services include:-

  • Training and Seminars
  • Mediation
  • Expert Witness Reports

We have chosen CCCL as our Partner as their range of services is complete and extends to all areas of law and all sizes of firm which means each of our members can benefit from their expertise and guidance.

For more information on CCCL Ltd visit their website

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