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IT & Case Management

IT Systems, Case Management, Software Development, Hardware & Infrastructure and Communications


The Strategic Partner has engaged with Rubix Software, an IT system for businesses, to provide a full suite of IT related products and services. They are widely regarded as one of the leading IT firms & IT business consultancies in the legal sector. They specialise in supporting law firms and have a depth of services that are unmatched in the legal sector.

Their experience ranges from small niche practices through to large multi-site, multinational firms. 

Through the partnerships with us, we can assure our member firms with cost effective IT solutions as we have agreed preferential rates for our member firms. 


If you are seeking interaction with an IT provider as a full outsource partner for all IT needs or looking to engage on a one time project we can organise this for you.


We recognise that IT can be expensive and working with the Strategic Partner we will ensure your costs are sensible and contained and that you get delivery of your requirements on time and within budget.

The Rubix Services offer consulting services which are split into the following key elements.

i. Case Management

Case Management Systems are an essential part of any law firm and sit centrally to the running and controls of the firm.

Our Partner has direct experience of working across a range of case management products and also have an official partnership with Lexis Nexis who run the Visual Files Platform. Through this partnership Rubix have built their own case management solution, Rubix Practice Manager (RPM) for more information click here.

Whether you are looking to implement a new IT case management system and would like guidance and support or you are seeking to update and change your existing system the expertise and knowledge is there.

Rubix have spent significant time working with the legal sector and are fully aware of the challenges that face law firms. Through their knowledge and experience they have created bespoke software solutions and case management systems that not only improve efficiency but help you adhere to your regulatory requirements.

The result of this is that you do not need to educate them on the running of a law firm or delivering a legal service. They know this already and can truly understand your needs to deliver case management support and development that gets it right first time.

ii. Software Development

Software development is a specialist area, whether you are looking to build a database of clients or develop some bespoke software for use by your firm (or your clients) Rubix have the skills and expertise to deliver your software requirements.

This also includes data base development as part of a new or existing web site.

Whether you have an existing database that needs development work or you are looking to implement something completely new, our consultants, through working with you and Rubix will ensure that a system meeting your exact requirements is delivered.

iii. Hardware and Structure

In an ever changing IT world where new products and services are brought into the sector constantly it is important to be informed on what is available and whether your firm could benefit.

Their experience ranges from simple installation of a PC through to complex hardware installation and upgrades across multiple sites and multiple platforms.

Understanding the requirements of a firm is also the first step. Rubix have worked with many firms to implement a robust IT platform within budget. They are experts in what they do and provide future proof stable platforms for firms to operate from and will also provide ongoing support as needed.

iv. Management Information

Management Information is central to the successful running of a law firm. However, accessing information and interpreting it is often a complex if not confusing task.

Understanding the requirements of a firm is also the first step. Rubix have worked with many firms to implement a robust IT platform within budget. They are experts in what they do and provide future proof stable platforms for firms to operate from and will also provide ongoing support as needed.

All system contain information and extracting that information is essential to understand your firm and where your issues may be.

We are able to assist you in understanding what information you can access from your systems and importantly we can work with you to extract that information in a format which can be read and understood by You, Your staff and Your Clients.

Through working with you to understand your ongoing needs we will ensure that your data is delivered correctly in useful way that you can use for the benefit of your firm.

v. Communications Infrastructure

As part of the overall architecture of your business IT platform is the communication structure which control your voice calls and access to the internet which your case management systems will be reliant upon.

Communications structure covers an extensive range of services from routing of calls as they arrive in your business through to how your PC’s connect to your staff and your clients.

The cost of these services can range dramatically as can the cost of your line rentals and the calls you make.

Getting the right structure in your business will not only ensure that it meets the needs of your firm but will also ensure you are not wasting money on services that you simply do not need.

We also work with one of the leading providers of calls in the UK and through the affiliation with The Strategic Partner we have agreed market leading rates for all member firms.

Their team have extensive experience in delivering Communications infrastructures that meet the exacting requirement of any business and will work with the providers of the services to get you best value at all times.

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