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The Strategic Partner is a membership based service. Our members pay an annual fee for access to the dedicated members area which provides a host of services and benefits exclusive to them. If you take out professional indemnity insurance from one of our insurance partners, your membership may be funded in addition to a funded consultancy day with one of our experts and a funded digital marketing review. For more information about our consultancy and digital marketing review click here. Our membership includes: 

1.       Members Helpline– a dedicated helpline for the use of our members to gain direct support and advice regardless of the issue or topic. 

2.       Products – provision of our own services and products tailored to law firms. Click here for more information. 

3.       Partners – access to our partners who have been chosen for their expertise and knowledge of the legal industry. Click here for more information. 

4.       Online Health check - An annual review which includes:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Search Engine Ranking analysis
  • Technical website overview
5.       Document Library - Access to a comprehensive and downloadable document library which includes a range of documents for law firm management 

6.       Discussion Forum – a discussion forum for exclusive use of members to discuss and debate issued and topics. 

7.       News– Informative news, white papers and blogs all written for or by the strategic partner for our members. 

8.       Work Exchange– a work exchange facility enabling you to gain support from other members to provide, under a set of rules, legal services to your clients that you are unable to handle. 

9.       Training– Access to a range of webinars all written specifically for law firms. 

10.   Mergers and Acquisitions – A discrete service that enables our member firms to advertise themselves for sale or merger or to notify other that they are looking to acquire another firm 

11.   Recruitment– A vacancy section where you can post your vacancies and we will advertise these for our members across our social media network. 

12.   Member Perks- Access to special offers and discounts that are not available to non-members. Click here for more information. 

13.   Networking and Education – Annual events to provide valuable knowledge to grow your business alongside collaboration opportunities. For more information on our member benefits : 

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