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Compliance Administration 

compliance adminstration

The Strategic Partners Compliance Administration Service was developed at the request of our member law firms.

It has been designed to ensure firms are not just compliant from a policy, training, and risk assessment perspective but the day to day management of compliance is addressed. This includes interaction with compliance officers and staff through collating and maintaining firm wide registers, which are required as part of a compliant environment and reporting to the Partners.

In addition to the general interaction, we review the data in the registers and produce a monthly compliance report for the compliance officers and partners and through doing so, provide them with ongoing comfort that compliance and risk is well manged across the firm.

Each firm receives a bespoke compliance helpline for their staff and dedicated email account to interact with us.

This is a cost-effective solution that enables the compliance officer to focus on other duties such as fee earning and management of the firm where their time and focus can have a greater impact on the firm.

For more information about our Compliance Administration Service you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

For more detail on this service download the brochure below:

Our compliance administration service brochure

A summary of the service is as follows:

  • Outsourced day to day management of compliance and the firm’s provider
  • Receiving all notification forms
  • Updating and managing the central registers
  • Liaising with staff and compliance officer to investigate and resolve entries on the registers
  • Analysing the registers and providing a monthly compliance report to all partners
  • Maintaining an undertakings diary
  • Regular updates to the staff with technical information and reminders to provide information to support the firms approach risk and compliance

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For more information about our Regulation and Compliance service you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at


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