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Compliance Management

compliance management servicesThe Strategic Partners Compliance Management Service is a packaged solution providing law firms with a cost-effective approach to implementing, managing, and maintaining a robust compliant structure.

Our service has been tailored to work for firms of all sizes and structure across England and Wales.

Our services ensure that a firm’s compliance officers can achieve peace of mind knowing that the policies and procedures adopted by the firm ensure the firm is compliant and that it will stay compliant.

This is an annual service that is interactive with the firm and we will work with you to update, audit, train and report providing a complete solution to regulation and compliance.

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Our Compliance Service Brochure 

Our compliance administration service brochure

  • Drafting and implementation of effective and bespoke policies dealing with risk, regulation and statute including Anti Money Laundering and Data Protection
  • Ongoing updates to the policies as the firm and regulation changes
  • Formal annual review and update of the policies
  • Annual training to all staff on polices, codes of conduct, Anti Money Laundering and Data protection.
  • A firm wide risk assessment for both insurer and AML purposes
  • Auditing of the application of the firm’s policies and procedures to provide evidence of compliance – standard service is 1 audit per annum, but this can be extended
  • Implementation of notification forms for use by the staff
  • Implementation of registers for recording notifications
  • A compliance helpline


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