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Sales and New Business

Ensuring that your firm captures and processes every new enquiry or opportunity effectively is essential to the successful and profitable management of your firm.

Regardless of whether an enquiry is received through your marketing activity or through your reputation, each enquiry must be managed properly to ensure you seize every opportunity to gain a new (or returning) client.

Maximising New Business Opportunities

It is essential that a law firm manages and processes all new enquiries efficiently and effectively to convert that enquiry into new business.

All too often, business and law firms do not have a process for the capture and management of new enquiries, and as a result will lose a number of new business opportunities which will be detrimental to the firm.

Marketing and Advertising can prove expensive and there is no point spending time, money and effort on a strategy to win new business when you do not have an effective process for managing each enquiry as it arrives.

At The strategic Partner we recognise that putting in place an effective strategy is not always as simple as it may first seem, but regardless of your firm’s size or the resource you have, there will be a solution available to you that ensures you maximise the opportunity to convert every new business enquiry.

We work with firms to implement such processes aimed solely at managing new business in an effective way to improve conversion and collate essential information which can be used to shape your overall strategy.

New Business conversion Training

Managing and converting new business enquiries does not always come naturally to every member of staff.

Whether initial enquiries are managed by support staff or the Solicitors themselves, there will be a different range of ability (and desire) which can and will have a dramatic impact on how successful you are on converting enquiries into fee paying clients.

In addition to working with firms to introduce roust policies for the management and processing of new enquiries we also provide training to staff involved in the engagement with new business enquiries to ensure they are equipped to convert every possible opportunity.

Engagement with customers and interacting with them in a way which ensures you win their business is a skill. The basics are putting in place a process but then the individual or team need to adopt a range of techniques to ensure that each enquiry has the maximum potential to convert to a new enquiry.

Our interactive training will assist staff in learning skills that will benefit them and the firm. To find out more information on our training packages get in touch.

Sales & New Business

The outsourcing of Sales & New Business may seem a daunting prospect, but for some firms it is a solution that ensures they capture every enquiry and leads to a higher conversion rate for new business.

Too often Law Firms miss out because they do not deal effectively with incoming enquiries, or follow up on quotations or expressions of interest. Our Sales & New Business service gives firms the peace of mind of knowing that every call into their new business lines is dealt with quickly and professionally with immediate feedback into the Firm for action.

Our Sales teams are not the ‘run of the mill’ sales agents. They are trained to understand that Law Firms are bound by rules and to offer a consistently professional service. We tailor what we do to meet your exacting requirements and we ensure that we deliver the service in a professional way and use state of the art case management software which enables the service to be bespoke to Your Firm.

We will also follow up on enquiries made into the firm. Whether this is someone making an enquiry via a website, following up on a quotation, someone calling into the firm for a service or emailing an enquiry. Our team will ensure there is a follow up call to engage the client or to understand why they do not wish to use the service.

Our Service is professional, responsive and experienced. We have a track record of enhancing new business conversion.

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