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Service Delivery & Quality

We understand that delivery of a quality service is imperative to law firms. Not only does it secure repeat business but it is essential for a professional services provider to promote and deliver quality. Hence, we offer law firms IT services as well.

Managing telecoms services for law firms can often prove difficult, resulting in lost clients, missed opportunities and negative feedback. Getting this right is essential for all successful Firms.

We have built a range of services which can interface into any firm, from outsourced Reception through to integrated Telephony Services to alleviate the firm of routine tasks and provide absolute efficiency in the handling of your legal matters.

Through our Partners we also have access to market leading technology proven to work in legal environments and deliver direct savings. From installation of phone systems through to outsource telephony we have experience and knowledge to ensure you get the right platform for your business.

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i. Outbound Calling & Routine Duties

Innovation is at the heart of The Strategic Partner. The development of outsourced support services provides Firms with market leading technology to support their practice.

Both directly and through our Partners, we are able to introduce a cost saving support network which works in tandem with your current case management system and case handlers to ensure that they are free to focus on the important fee earning tasks whilst routine administration is taken care of efficiently and professionally.

Our business consultancy team will work with you to plan and identify routine tasks that do not need to be handled by an experienced Solicitor and those tasks are extracted through bespoke software and outsourced to our administration centre, which performs the task and returns it to your firm completed. Whether the task is chasing a client for information or obtaining information from another party, we can provide the assistance. You remain in control of the outsource arrangement and we will fully integrate the service into your existing case management software. It is a seamless service that is provided by Rubix Software and the product is called Rubix ABC.

For a full demonstration of this product and how it works, contact us on 0203 911 9710 or email us at

ii. Overflow & Outsourced Reception

Whether you want to outsource overflow or out of hours calls or are seeking a fully outsourced Reception function, we have the expertise to deliver this for you.

Ensuring all calls are answered quickly and professionally is the core of a successful business. It is often the first level of contact for new and existing clients. Our service will ensure that you do not miss a call and that your business is presented professionally at all times.

Our service is not a standard outsourced telephony service. We offer a bespoke service specifically designed for Law Firms. We understand professionalism and the need to take accurate information first time.

Our staff are highly trained and fully monitored, and we provide you with transparent reporting so you can assess our performance in real time.

For more information on our Reception Services click here, contact us on 0203 911 9710 or email us at

iii. Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires

Part of our Telephony Service extends to calling customers on your behalf to carry out a customer satisfaction survey. Customer feedback is too often overlooked - capturing feedback from customers and acting on it is essential to maintaining a good client base and repeat business.

Working with you, we will design a bespoke questionnaire and call your clients to obtain their feedback. This can be performed during a case or at its conclusion, with the feedback sent to you weekly or monthly with an overview so you can understand the feedback quickly and take necessary action.

With customers increasingly going online to provide reviews, it is key for any business to interact with customers quickly and obtain feedback to avoid negative reviews being posted or shared to a wider audience, damaging your firm's reputation and deterring potential new business.

Our Survey Service is bespoke and responsive, providing you with a valuable insight into your clients' views on your firm and your service.

For more information on our Survey Services click here or contact us on 0203 911 9710 or email us at

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