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9 Essential Steps For Successful Change Management

In our latest White Paper, our guest author David Green, Co-Founder of The Strategic Partner, outlines the key steps which are vital to the successful implementation of change in Law Firms.

Change is constant and the need to evolve as a business will make the difference between profit and loss. This change can be voluntary or forced, arising from any aspect of your firm - financial, regulatory, statute lead, technological or operational.

It is a fact that a business not prepared to change will soon fall behind its competitors as others strive to evolve. Those businesses who truly want to embrace change must ensure that they approach it in the correct manner. Often the most significant barrier to change is not the willingness of the owners or managers but the staff. Obtaining buy in from staff will significantly influence the success or failure of any change.

When change is discussed it is often considered to be for negative reasons - e.g. a business has hit troubled times financially and needs to reduce expenses, or technological advancement results in necessary job losses.

However, change can be and often is positive - growth due to a business doing well, moving into new sectors, additional recruitment due to new clients coming on board, or even moving to bigger and better premises.

Even a positive reason for driving change can be a disruptive influence if managed badly. Rather than focusing on the operational or financial needs of a business, in this article I want to discuss the impact on staff and how to address the challenges they can pose during an uncertain time for them. Employees are a major factor in any change management programme as without them on board it will be set to fail...

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