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Rubix Practice Manager - The first CMS of its kind

Our guest author Martyn Paddon, Managing Director of Rubix Technology, highlights the virtue of having a Case Management System designed specifically for Law Firms.  

Rubix Practice Manager (RPM) is the first case management system of its kind for law firms.

Recognising that every Law firm approaches technology and case managements systems differently Rubix have delivered a case management solution that operates at a level which every law firm needs to manage its Practice effectively.

It is a revolutionary step that provides law firms with a software solution that delivers on core needs and provides flexibility for future development.

RPM is powered by Visualfiles widely regarded as the UK’s number one Case Management provider but designed by Rubix.

We understand law firms and how they are managed and we understand the unique set of challenges that law firms faces in running their business.  Law firms are a complex highly regulated environment and the chosen systems need to respect this and operate within this framework.

RPM is a cost effective case management tool that is simple to use and effective across all departments in a law firm and it interfaces seamlessly into a range of accounts packages.

To read or download the full White Paper, just click below. 


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