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Business Process Improvement and Efficiency

In our latest White Paper David Green, Co-Founder of The Strategic Partner, outlines the key areas that contribute to Business Process Improvement and Efficiency.

Business Process Efficiency or Improvement is a term often used and often misunderstood. It is certainly not something that should only be considered by large firms or those firms who handle bulk legal services.

Achieving an efficient way of working and through doing to reducing expenses or increasing profits should be a goal for every firm regardless of size of the type of work undertaken.

Understanding where to start, how to identify improvements and how to implement change is the challenge.

The Challenge

Much of the work performed by Solicitors is often difficult to automate or systemise as it needs technical expertise and skill to deliver the right advice to the client.

However, there are a number of routine tasks performed across all legal services (case opening, money laundering, updating the client, closing/archiving etc.) and there are a range of legal services (conveyancing and debt recovery) that largely follow the same path from case commencement to conclusion.

Establishing more efficient ways of processing such work is not complex and any spend needed will deliver a return on investment and improve profitability.

To read or download the full White Paper, just click below.

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