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Visibility and Management of Email Communication

Law Firms will know that the role of the COLP is significant with the overarching responsibility to ensure all members of the firm comply with the Solicitors Code of Conduct and to actively monitor and manage the firm in accordance with the Code.

With email being a primary tool for the communication it is essential that the COLP is able to effectively monitor and control the contents of emails being sent to and from the firm.

Failure to monitor email traffic puts the COLP and the firm at significant risk.  Whilst a firm of 1000’s will be more at risk, the same risks apply for much smaller firms.  

Each person sending an email from the firm’s system, represents the firm and has a responsibility to comply with the Solicitors Code of Conduct.

If a firm does not have full visibility of emails being sent, the time they are sent, the content, to whom and why, how can that firm comply with the Code of Conduct and the duties of the COLP?

MailMinder has been developed to provide a firm and its COLP with an automated and effective way of monitoring all email traffic regardless of the time, location and tool used to send or receive a mail.

Some examples of how MailMinder will help a firm comply with regulation: 

  • An email is sent from a client with the word “complaint” either in the title or text of the email. The MailMinder system will identify the word complaint and automatically send a copy of the email to the complaints partners for handling. The file can be requested as needed for a full audit and for the compliant to be dealt with.
  • An email is send from a member of staff email at 2am with inappropriate content. That email will be identified and escalated to a senior member of staff as appropriate for action. The system can be set to identify emails sent at unusual times or look for key words for example swear words) and take pre-defined action.
  • An email arrives from a client with urgent instructions. The fee earner is in holiday. The email can be identified and dealt with whilst the individual is a way on holiday and the urgent instruction is not ignored.
  • An email is sent from the firm with the firm’s accounts number and sort code. The firm has a strict policy not to do this. MailMinder will identify the email and forward to the COFA for immediate action.

The solution can be found in Rubix MailMinder.

Rubix MailMinder has two levels: -

  • MailMinder - A software solution that attaches itself to a firms email exchange server and reads all communication that passes through it. The software does not impact on the user’s desktop experience of their email but as it sits at server level (both local and cloud). Due to this, MailMinder will monitor, based on a set of rules and indicative keywords, all email traffic to and from the firm. The system will then take action based on the requirements of each firm.
  • MailMinder + - As an extension of the standard MailMinder solution, MailMinder + will also interact with a firms history on their case management system and post to that history a copy of any outgoing or incoming email that has not already been store.  Through doing so, firms can be assured that all correspondence attaching to a case file will be recorded properly in the appropriate order providing full visibility to all across the firm.

The MailMinder solutions have been developed with law firms in mind to address obvious issues arising from advancements in technology and to put law firms and their owners back in control.

The system is simple to use and easy to programme with users and keywords managed from a central dashboard that can be operated within a firm.

MailMinder is an effective tool for ensuring that a law firm controls and manages all email communication.

Other benefits of Mail Minder Include: -

  • New Business enquiry management
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Quality Control
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Visibility of all email communication from desk tops, smart phones and tablets
  • Automation of otherwise manual processes
  • Saves time on supervision
  • Ensures full case history on a case management system
  • Improves time recording efficiency

MailMinder provides law firms and their owners with peace of mind. It works silently and effectively within a firm and is fully scalable.

With pricing from as little at £8 per monitored mailbox per month MailMinder provides firms of all sizes with a cost effective solution to improve their business operation. 

For a Demonstration of MailMinder you can email The Strategic Partner at or call us on 0207 842 1830.

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