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Why You Should Get Your P.I. Insurance Through Us

Are you looking to renew your Professional Indemnity Insurance? If so, don’t let the run up period where you can negotiate best prices pass you by. Let The Strategic Partner help you find the right Insurer and price for your firm. Renewing your Professional Indemnity Insurance can be a burden but is essential. Leaving this to the last minute could result in your firm paying higher premiums due to the Insurer and you not having sufficient time to discuss your firms and your risk profile. You and the Insurer need time to understand and discuss your firm.

Why get your P.I. Insurance through us?

The Strategic Partner are experts in law firm management. We understand how law firms run and the challenges they face from regulations and compliance through to profitability.

We continuously work to connect firms with the best possible solutions and include Professional Indemnity Insurance’s. The Strategic Partner will facilitate an introduction to one of our partners and will work with you to obtain the best price for your Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We will work alongside your firm to understand your requirements and deliver a competitively priced product which provides the cover you need. Furthermore, if you take out a policy with one of our Insurer Partners, they will work with you through the indemnity year to help you identify areas of risk and where possible reduce these to improve your rating position.

In addition, taking out a policy with one of our Insurer Partners entitles you to a host of additional benefits including funded 6 months’ membership with The Strategic Partner. A membership with The Strategic Partner entails:

  • Members Helpline
  • Regulatory Updates
  • News
  • Resource Library
  • Job Vacancy Advertising
  • Training & Resource Centre
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Discussions Forum
  • Work Swap
  • Dashboard
  • Your Administration
  • Users

In addition to the services listed above, should you proceed to accept the quotation, you will also have access the following which are both funded by the Insurer:

  • Annual Digital Marketing Review: This involves an independent expert providing a detailed report on your website and online presence in addition to competitor analysis.
  • Annual Consultancy Day: This enables you to benefit from the experience of a market-leading consultant on a range of topics impacting law firms.

Don’t let the renewal process take too long and let us assist you. To arrange a meeting or to find out more information on how we can assist you, call 0207 842 1830 or email us at

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