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Case Management System Selection

There are a host of law firm case management systems available in today’s market, all promising to transform your business and enable you to run more efficiently and profitably.

The implementation of a case management system or a change to a new system is a significant and fundamental decision for any law firm, regardless of size. Getting your choice of system wrong can, and will, have a devastating impact on your firm.

How does a firm avoid acquiring and installing a system that does not work for them?

Most importantly, a firm must ensure they do not simply buy from the best salesman. They must ensure the system they buy fits the firm and the firm should not adapt to the system.

The fundamental mistake that law firms make when choosing a system is not taking the time to establish what they want and expect from their case management system and if compromises have to be made, (often due to budget) these should be understood and appreciated before implementation.

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