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SRA Handbook

If you are lawyer that likes clear rules you’re going to be disappointed.  The Standards and Regulations leave more open to interpretation.  You cannot simply tick off the rules for compliance purposes, the new Code needs application and thought! If you haven’t already started reviewing the new Handbook or assessing what your firm needs to do to remain compliant …. START NOW!  


So why did the SRA feel the need for the change?


The SRA has recognised that the current Handbook is complex, long, repetitive and costly to apply. They have therefore produced a more simplified and user friendly Handbook entitled Standards and Regulations. The Chair of the SRA Board, Anna Bradley comments that "by stripping away outdated and unnecessary rules and giving solicitors more flexibility to design and deliver their services around their clients, our new regulations are designed to help people access a wide range of high-quality services with the confidence that proper protections are in place. That can only be good for both the public and the profession”. 

Solicitors will have greater freedom to use professional judgement rather than follow the current, arguably, rather rigid rules.


To read or download the full White Paper, just click below.

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