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October Newsletter - Brexit, The SRA & European Lawyers

The UK is due to exit the EU on 31 October 2019. Terresa Mays draft withdrawal agreement proposed a transition period (to 31 December 2020). This included the mutual recognition of professional qualifications as well as plans for a mobility framework for UK and EU professionals. At the time of writing we are non the wiser if we will be exiting the EU with a deal or with no deal.  It is difficult, if not impossible to prepare when facing such uncertainty.  

Do you have any European lawyers working for your firm (such as RELs or EELs)?
  1. on permanent 
  2. on a temporary basis 
  3. UK solicitors working in the EU 
  4. UK firms with offices in the EU
We do of course have our practice certificate renewal taking place this month, most firms undertake to submit renewal applications and fund practice certificate costs for employed English and Welsh solicitors and foreign lawyers.  However, for those firms using freelance or contract foreign lawyers, we suggest that you seek confirmation from foreign lawyers that they have renewed their registration.

To read or download the full White Paper, just click here.

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