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VisualFiles Development – Why you should develop your system

VisualFiles Development – Why you should develop your system

Our guest author Martyn Paddon, Managing Director of Rubix Technology, highlights the importance of developing your visualfiles system.

If you have acquired VisualFiles as your case management system, you will be fully aware that you have acquired one of the market leading systems operating for law firms in the UK.

Unlike most case management systems available to law firms, VisualFiles adapts to your current system, so you do not need to change the systems and processes that work for you to fit into a system designed by others.

This flexibility provides a uniqueness to VisualFiles users that other case management systems simply do not allow.

The Question

When did you last review VisualFiles to ensure it is keeping pace with the changing nature of your firm and the market around it?

If the answer to this question is that you do not continually look at your VisualFiles platform, then it is questionable whether you are getting the maximum value from your system.

This does not mean to say that you should be forever ‘tinkering’ or changing the system, but you should be asking whether the system is performing as you need it to, whether your firm has adapted itself and if the system needs to be brought up to speed.

The Answer

Whether you have the internal expertise or not, development of VisualFiles is essential. It is not essential to make the system work and function for you as it will do that regardless, but your firm will have acquired VisualFiles due to the flexibility it provides. The ability to keep ahead of the market by responding to what is happening around you and direct your staff to achieve their full potential.

Keeping VisualFiles up to date keeps you firm and its system relevant. The platform enables you to gain an edge which is so important in market place that continues to get more and more competitive.

There may be far more to VisualFiles that you know or understand, which is why you need to gain the expertise of VisualFiles developers who will help you unlock the full potential of your case management system.

The Solution

At Rubix Software, we have extensive experience of working with law firms; understanding the market and the challenged you face. Our VisualFiles developers have the ability to interface with your firm, interpret your needs and develop the system on your behalf.

Our developers at Rubix have all worked within the legal industry, so there’s no need to educate them on legal processes. We understand the challenges faced by law firms and through that understanding will interface directly into your firm at a level which brings immediate value.

To find out how Rubix Software can help you improve your VisualFiles platform, you can contact us on 02039473695 or email us A conversation is free and a quotation is without obligation.

Do not allow you system to get out of date. Allow us to provide you with a cost effective solution to energise your business, with an intelligent case management development.

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