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Should Law Firms include video content on their websites?

Most businesses will be aware of the website marketing phrase ‘content is king’. However, variety, accessibility and value are the keys to success. In this blog one of our partners, FireTap, who specialise in marketing for Law Firms, explains why one of the most effective forms of content marketing techniques is video marketing.

Benefits of video marketing

Ensuring your website has different forms of content that is accessible to how audiences differ in their preferred response medium – longer articles, short advice snippets and visually engaging content like videos – widens the opportunity to increase your organic visibility in the search engines and improves conversion rate.  But why?

Google and YouTube are best friends – (sort of)

YouTube has been owned by Google since the early 2000s and so more often than not, well optimised YouTube videos will have high rankings in Googles search results (SERPs) for relevant keyword phrases. Optimising videos on your website that match relevant queries will boost your ranking prospects for your target audience.

Video marketing has high engagement and conversion rates especially across mobile devices

A recent survey produced by oberlo showed that mobile phones are the most popular device in which users access the internet – 50.6 percent of overall web traffic comes through mobile phones. That’s even more than laptops and computers (45.5 percent) and tablet devices (3.75 percent) combined and that watching videos is the most popular activity carried out by internet users: nine out of every ten internet user watches videos online.

Video marketing statistics show that “When asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, two-thirds of people (66%) said they’d prefer to watch a short video”.

Ensuring you have well optimised text and video on your website offers wider accessibility to your content, that will appeal to a broader audience increasing brand awareness, customer engagement and lead conversion.

Stand out from your competitors

Having a feature video on your homepage allows your law firm to welcome visitors to your company, build trust and establish a relationship in a way that stock images or text are not able to.  Visitors are likely to stay longer on your site if they are watching a video, this increases the likelihood of them making an enquiry and indicates to the search engines that your site is providing useful, quality content that in turn, will improve your search engine rankings.


Video is not a passing trend and is increasing in popularity across all industries. For law firms to remain competitive and relevant, video marketing should make up part of their digital online strategy. 

Keep your marketing strategy up to date

Marketing continues to evolve along with technology and how audiences expect to interact with their service providers. It is no longer just about an advertising function, but has a greater influence on customer experiences and availability of new content forms

Ensuring you have an up to date marketing strategy that takes into consideration all the available marketing innovations and keeping up with marketing trends for law firms, will ensure your future success. FireTap Marketing can help you build and put in place a robust marketing strategy, reviewing your current activity and delivering a tailored solution suited to your law firm’s marketing goals.

Their specialist legal marketers can assist with a wide range of services including SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing and PPC. For more information on marketing for law firmsget in contact  


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