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Free Business Consultation for our Members.

 The Strategic Partner works with several hundred law firms across England and Wales. Our focus has always been to offer knowledge, guidance and expertise to our members and that ethos will never change.

In the current Covid 19 crises we are here to support our members as they make decisions about their firm and its short, medium and long term strategy.

We do not know how long the current crises will continue but we do know we need to change and adapt what we are doing, both in our professional and personal lives.

The Strategic Partner is offering our member firms a free consultation to discuss their concerns with us and through debate and discussion, help deliver solutions.  

Through discussing your issues, we will hopefully help you find a path through the crises and ensure your firm is able to sustain its provision of legal services, protecting your staff and your clients.

At The Strategic Partner we work with a range of law firms and their owners. We are a nationwide service and aware of local and national issues. Due to this we have spoken to a number of concerned law firm owners and about what their firm should do and how they can respond to the Covid 19 crises.

Whilst it is true to say that most, if not all firms, have started to make necessary changes to continue to function there is still concern about the future of the firm.

The typical discussions we are having surrounds how a firm can and should adapt to a sustained period of working in the current environment and not only how their firm can survive but adapt to meet the changing needs of their client base and sustain the delivery of legal services.

Many of our member firms fall into the SME category and do not have an infrastructure around them to draw on experience of others within their firm (IT and Comms, Marketing, Infrastructure, HR Managers, Business Development etc).

As we are a business that provides consultancy and services across all elements of managing a law firm, we have the internal experience alongside access to experts to advise and guide firms on their options and actions.  

There are a host of considerations to consider and not all are obvious and debating these will help firms identify what they can do now and what they should plan to do.

Our strength comes from the strength of our members and sustaining profitable firms. Where we can use our knowledge and experience to assist our firms we will.

If you believe your firm may benefit from a consultation, please contact us now. We are set up for both telephone and video conferencing and all we need to do is organise the best date and time to discuss your concerns.  

To book your free consultation you can:

Call us on 02039119710

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