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Covid 19 Crises - Guidance for Law Firms

Over the course of the coming weeks, The Strategic Partner will be sharing with you, through a series of blogs,  aspects that law firms should be considering as we all adjust and continue to adjust to the current Covid 19 Crises. 

We believe it is essential to continue to share knowledge with our members and to assist firms and their owners throughout these difficult and changing times.

We are already seeing that firms are adjusting their approach to the provision of legal services and starting to settle into new ways of working. For most it has not been an easy transition and some still have a long way to go, but as an industry law firms are making necessary changes to survive. 

There are of course existing clients to service and guide on the current position of their legal matters and what you and they can do at this point in time. Firms also need to consider how they will service new clients.

As we all start to adapt our businesses and clients do likewise, there will be re-engagement as people and their businesses start to think about their legal issues and the need to instruct a law firm to assist them.

Some firms are already seeing re-engagement by clients both existing and new and that will continue. Some of these issues are pre existing and some are in response to the issues they face as a consequence of the current crises. What is important is that law firms are ready to engage with their clients and provide them with the assistance they need.

We hope the information we send to you enriches your environment and shares useful details that you can consider and apply in your firm.

As always, our focus is to provide sensible and practical guidance and knowledge for the benefit of our member law firms and the wider market.

We are also offering our member firms the opportunity to undertake a free consultation to discuss any issues and concerns they may have.

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