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marketing strategy for the property market

The Property Market is Open How should law firms respond?

FireTap Marketing Ltd, our in house marketing division have produced an article with some initial guidance to law firms on the property sector and immediate action firms should take to re-engage with their property clients both current and prospective – 

Download the full printable PDF version here:   The Property Market is Open!

They are also offering a free consultation to discuss how their services will help law firms energise their marketing campaigns in a cost effective and impactful way.

At The Strategic Partner we have seen firms prepare for the property market to re-launch and those who have already started are seeing an increase in new instructions. 

If you are considering your own strategy, addressing this quickly will ensure you keep pace with the market and industry as it begins the process of re-engagement.

Click on the image below to read the article online:

property industry marketing







To discuss the services provided by FireTap or to hear more about our work with law firms, you can call us on 02039119710, email us or visit our website and make an online enquiry

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