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Partner Insight Newsletter

Partners Insight

In this newsletter we are showcasing the businesses we have chosen to work with as Partners, bringing you an insight into the work they do with law firms alongside their expertise.

Download the full article here: Partner Insight Newsletter

At The Strategic Partner we work with a range of suppliers who are experts in the legal sector providing services to our members and across the industry generally. In this newsletter we have contributions from:

  • Metro Bank
  • Ezescan
  • FireTap
  • Rubix Software
  • Menzies
  • Pitsford Consulting Ltd –
  • Comms Consult
  • PI Solutions
  • Iceberg
  • Veripy

We only recommend and work with Partners who have a proven track record in the industry and demonstrate quality provision of services and products to law firms and their staff.

We have carefully selected our Partner businesses so you can be assured of high quality. We hope, through the trusted relationships we have built with our member firms, that you will trust our choice of businesses to work with us and you.

We hope you find this newsletter and insight into our Partners and the work they do useful.

Download the full article to find out more:

 partner insight newsletter

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