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Our Services for law firms

Marketing Business Development

We provide a range of essential services for law firms and those in the legal sector. Our services have been developed to support firms covering a range of cost effective solutions to help achieve and sustain a profitable, stable and compliant environment. HR Recruitment page here

We work as an outsource partner or in conjunction with a firm's internal resource, providing expertise and support as necessary and always adding value.

Detailed Firm Strategic Review

This service involves a detailed review of your business looking across the whole firm covering a range of critical areas for the successful management and profitability of a law firm.

Regulation & Compliance Service including AML

Designed to interact with you on an ongoing basis to manage all aspects of risk and control within your firm and ensure best practice is adopted firm wide.

Compliance Administration

This service has been designed to provide law firms and their regulatory officers a support function that ensures their regulatory and compliance obligations are fulfilled on an ongoing basis.

Office Manual & Accounts Procedures

Providing law firms with an effective solution for the implementation and management of their procedures for managing the office generally and the accounts processes.

Practice Management

This service has been designed to provide law firms with a solution for the day to day management of their firm.

Marketing Services

Specialist marketing services for law firms and the legal sector from leading industry experts.

Merger and Acquisition

Are you considering purchasing or selling your law firm or commencing merger talks with another firm? We work with firms to help to deliver effective M&A strategies.

Succession Planning & Future Partner Training

The Strategic Partner has developed a powerful training programme for law firms that identifies and prepares solicitors for the step into a Partnership or Ownership.

New Business Management

Our new business management service (NBMS) is designed to provide firms with certainty that all new business calls are managed effectively.

Customer Satisfaction & Online Review Service

Find out more about our Customer Satisfaction and Online Review service, and how it can compliment your online marketing activity.

Complaint Management Services

Our Complaint Management Service has been designed to deliver firms with an outsourced, independent and efficient way of managing complaints.

Find a Solicitor

Allow The Strategic Partner to help you find a solicitor through our panel of expert law firms.

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