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Covid-19 Guidance for Law Firms


With Coronavirus (COVID-19) having a clear and present impact on law firms, we have created a page dedicated to news and blogs offering advice and guidance to law firms and those in the legal industry highlighting issues that may impact or they should to consider, for their firm, to manage their way through the current crises surrounding the 2020 coronavirus pandemic .


Our aim is to assist firms in building strategies to address, control and manage the impact of the current crises and through sharing knowledge play our part in helping to protect and preserve firms and quality work that Law firms and their staff provide to their clients.


Whilst most firms have managed to respond and have established news ways of working, the impact is being felt industry wide with firms reporting difficult financial considerations alongside the ability to service clients. The current crises is a here and now issue but the industry does need to consider their strategies for the after effects of ‘lock down’ as getting back to normal will present its own unique challenges to overcome


Insight - How can my law firm adjust to the Covid 19 Crisis?

The impact of COVID-19 will continue after the eventual return to ‘normality’ and it is essential that firms have plans and strategies in place to manage their medium term affects.


Through the sharing of ideas, knowledge and resource we hope to be able to assist with delivery of solutions and the maintenance of law firms providing essential services to their clients.


In our Blogs we will cover topics such as : -


  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Financial considerations
  • Change Management
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Service Delivery
  • Managing negative consequences of COVID-19
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


You can read some of our latest articles here:


Return To Workworking from home



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   adjusting to covid 19




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    diversion of resource


change management     

Covid19 Guidance for law firms   covid19 2020 crisis advice for law firms

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How the coronavirus crisis could affect your law firm and our solutions

The Strategic Partner are currently offering it's members a free business consultation, to discuss their concerns with us. Through debate and discussion, we aim to deliver solutions to issues the current crisis and how it could be affecting their law firm. Find out more about this service by clicking on the link below:

TSP, as a knowledge hub, is happy to speak directly to firms about their concerns. To book an appointment to talk to us you can call on 020 3911 9710 email us or complete an online enquiry



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