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Customer Satisfaction & Online Review Service

Obtaining feedback from clients form part of a firms marketing strategy and can have a significant impact on the firms social profile and review rating. Feedback also enables firms to listen to their client base and adapt what they need to ensure they always deliver a service that meets, if not exceeds expectation.

With more and more clients using the internet to research and secure legal advice, a firms review profile can make the difference between choosing your firm over a competitor. Our customer satisfaction service provides a solution to firms that not only obtains valuable feedback, but will increase the number of reviews and the overall ratings.

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For more information about our Customer Satisfaction and Online Review Services you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also download our brochure for more information on this service by clicking on the link below.

How We Can Help

We work with you on a continual basis so that we truly understand your firm and, where needed, we provide key services, guidance and support. Our focus is to work with you as a valued partner, helping you to increase productivity and profitability.

The Service

We aim to control risk through our solutions without affecting service delivery. Our customer satisfaction and online review service is designed to achieve 4 main goals: -

  1. Obtain valuable feedback about the service you provide that can be used to actively identify areas for improvement.
  2. Encourage customers who provide positive feedback to leave an online review, typically on Google or Yell. Firms should not underestimate the importance of a positive review profile to enhance new business opportunities.
  3. Where applicable sell other legal services or promote special offers.
  4. Create a GDPR compliant marketing database.

Why are feedback and reviews important?

With an increasing number of law firms turning to digital marketing and their website to generate new business, competition for winning clients online via search engines is becoming increasingly challenging.

Securing, maintaining and increasing a good review profile is essential to the success of a digital marketing campaign.

As law firms improve their web content and technical elements of their website, how does a firm increase the attractiveness of their services over another firm to capture the attention of a new client?

Creating relevant quality content can be a challenge, especially when you need to differentiate yourselves from the competition.

A solution to make a firm stand out is to increase the number of online reviews and ensure that these are positive.

Having a good number of reviews and a high rating (4* plus) is a clear way of improving the attractiveness of a firm and increasing new enquiries. Equally a poor review score is likely to impact negatively on consumer choice.

Search engines reward firms that have a high number of reviews with a high score.

Why call customers?

Most firms will send a questionnaire at the end of a case either by post or online. Return rates of questionnaires tend to be very low by post and slightly better using on online solutions.

By calling a client, the direct engagement results in a significant increase on completed questionnaires, with 75% plus of clients agreeing to provide feedback.

In addition to this, when the client has agreed to provide feedback the firm has the opportunity to fully engage with the client, encouraging them to leave a review online and to tell them about offers and other services.

Our customer satisfaction and online review service

Our service includes: -

  1. Preparation – to commence the campaign it is necessary to discuss, agree and approve the strategy. Our service is tailored to each firm to ensure the questions asked and message provided meets your requirements.

    During the preparation stage we will: -

    • Agree the questions to be asked
    • Design the questionnaire and brand this as appropriate
    • Agree the content of emails, target audience and any attachments
    • Agree other services and products you would like us to introduce as part of the call
    • Confirm if you require us to obtain GDPR consent for future marketing
    • Agree script for the call to ensure we cover all key areas and we are on message
    • Set up email boxes from which emails will be sent and received
    • Agree the process of referring any enquiries that arise during the call
    • Agree the number of times we should attempt to make contact before we abandon
    • Obtain copies of any brochures that are to be sent to the customers (these can be changed and updated as the campaign progresses)
  2. Database – We will agree the data we need from you and the frequency. This will either be monthly or weekly. We can also take a database from a few months if appropriate (usually relevant for initial launch).

    The format of the database is best received in Excel so we can import this into our system. The data we require is:-

    • Client name
    • Client email address (if on file)
    • Phone number
    • Service provided
    • Date matter concluded

    We can receive and accept further information as needed.

  3. Calls – We work to an approved script so that we ensure our agents are on message at all times. It is important that we always represent your business in a professional and courteous manner. The call will involve: -

    • Asking questions in accordance with the approved questionnaire
    • Completing the questionnaire ready to send to the client
    • Encouraging clients (in appropriate matters) to leave an online review and explaining how they do this
    • Introducing additional services as appropriate (upsell)
    • Obtaining consent to hold data and market to them (GDPR)
    • When there is a further engagement obtain details of the best time to make contact

      At the end of each call we will: -

      • Send the appropriate email to the client with the completed questionnaire and if necessary create links to the agreed review platforms.
      • Send a copy of the questionnaire to you and identify customers who require contact for additional services
      • Confirm to you that we have obtained the customers consent to market to them.
      • Inform and pass to you any additional issues or information obtained as part of the call.
  4. Recording & Reporting - We will update you monthly with a spreadsheet of all completed calls and provide: -

    • Completed questionnaires
    • Confirmation of clients who we were unable to contact
    • Summary of clients who have agreed to: -
      • leave an online review and have done so
      • leave an online review and have not
      • engage for additional services
      • consented to you holding their data for ongoing marketing (GDPR)
      • provide an up to date email address

    Where a client requires a call back for any reason we will notify you immediately.

  5. Upsell – Once you have provided one service to a customer, you may wish to either upsell or offer additional services. For example:-

    • Any matter where a property has been sold or purchased it would be sensible to recommend they obtain or update their Will.
    • Any client who obtains a more general service you may want to offer them a discount % if they return to re-engage for any further legal services
    • Where a customer agrees to further engage with you we will pass on the details to you.

The Cost

Our service is priced at £30 per hour payable monthly in arrears. Please note, there is a campaign set-up cost of £100.

On average a firm will spend between £250 and £500 per month.

We will work to a pre agreed number of hours and there are no minimum contractual periods. This puts you in control of your budget.


For more information about our Customer Satisfaction and Online Review Service you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

Download our Customer Satisfaction and Online Review brochure here for more information

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