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Compliance Consultants

The Strategic Partner provides essential support to law firms offering a range of products, services and consultancy tailored to the legal sector. Our experience and focus provides you with additional support when you need it and we will work closely with the firm's owners as a Partner to you.

Our strength lies in our knowledge, experience and connections. We work with you on a continued basis so we truly understand your firm and, where needed, we will provide key services, guidance and support. Our focus is to work with you as a valued Partner, helping you to increase productivity and profitability and control risk through cost effective solutions without deteriorating service delivery.

Our Regulation and Compliance Service

Our regulation and compliance service has been designed to interact with you on an ongoing basis to manage all aspects of risk and control within your firm and ensure best practice is adopted firm wide.

Our Risk, Regulation and Compliance service includes: -

  • Welcome and Renewal Review - An initial discussion at the commencement of membership or after any renewal to discuss your approach to regulation and deal with any questions or issues that you feel need to be addressed and to provide guidance on the implementation of a compliance strategy to reduce risk and ensure compliance within your firm.
  • Helpline - Access to our regulation and compliance helpline which you can call for any questions about compliance or if you have a concern or query relating to the Solicitors Code of Conduct or Solicitors Accounts Rules and their application. In the event you have a visit from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, with or without notice you can call us for advice, guidance and support.
  • Auditing - We will undertake an onsite audit once per annum where we attend your premises and review files and speak to your staff to about the firm's approach to regulation and compliance and identify full implementation of your policies through direct engagement. We will also undertake a remote regulation round up 6 months after the onsite review to establish maintenance of your policies and ensure any actions from the onsite review have been implemented. This will also highlight any continued areas of improvement. Following both audits a report of findings will be delivered to the Partners.
  • News Letter - A regulation newsletter issued every 2 months highlighting key regulation and compliance issues and will include: -
    • Updates to the Code of Conduct or Solicitors Accounts Rules
    • SRA notifications and areas to watch
    • Key tribunal cases
    • General information relevant to regulation and compliance.
  • Training - Access to training packages put together by us through our online portal for use within your firm. If you require our attendance to deliver training this will be at an additional charge. 

Compliance Solutions - The Cost

Our service is priced at £2,500 per annum for non members and £2,200 for members (payable per quarterly).
All prices are subject to VAT.

Enquiry for more information regarding our compliance consulting service:

For more information about our Regulation and Compliance service you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

Download our Law Firm Regulation and Compliance Service brochure here for more information.

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