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Our new business management service has been developed to enable firms to maximise every opportunity to capture and secure new instructions from clients who approach them. Our service will involve working with a firm to understand their approach to new business management and to ensure that the process is robust and ensures the firm is capturing, processing and managing each new enquiry effectively.

We will then work with he firm to guide and advice in any changes needed and we will provide training to the staff involved in the new business process. The focus of our service is to provide firms with a robust and effective way of managing all new business enquiries.

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For more information about our New Business Management Services you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also download our New Business Management brochure by clicking on the link below.

How We Can Help

In addition to providing guidance to the firm and their own staff, TSP has a team of trained new business technicians who are ready to work for firms on an outsourced basis as detailed below.

The New Business Management Service

Our new business management service (NBMS) is designed to provide firms with certainty that all new business calls are managed effectively ensuring that: -

  1. the phone is answered for all incoming traffic
  2. there is a prompt response to any online or email enquiry (if we are to manage central email boxes)
  3. you engage with customers to establish their legal need and ensure full information is collected
  4. you filter out ‘time wasters’
  5. you apply any new business rules before engaging the firm i.e. if you require a minimum amount on account of fees before engagement, we will establish that this will be payable by the client before the firm will engage to provide a legal service
  6. we book initial consultation calls (whether free or a paid service)

With our service we ensure you maximise new business opportunities and increase data capture to improve conversion rates.

Our focus is to ensure you achieve maximum return on investment from your marketing and advertising spend.

Why should you consider outsourcing?

Experience demonstrates that firms lack the internal infrastructure for capturing, processing and converting new enquiries. Our NBMS ensures that:-

  • all enquiries will be captured
  • you achieve maximum conversion rate through engagement
  • you establish from where the enquiry originated
  • the reason for non-engagement is established
  • there is a follow up into all business enquiries
  • your own staff are focussed on servicing existing clients rather than spending valuable time on processing speculative enquiries.
  • you obtain analysis of core data

The delivery of the service is the main focus of our staff. They are confident business development managers who understand the need to professionally engage every customer and follow each enquiry through to conclusion.

Our new business management service

Our service includes: -

  1. Preparation – to commence the campaign it is necessary to discuss, agree and approve the strategy. Our service is tailored to each firm to ensure the questions asked and message provided meets your requirements.

    During the preparation stage we will: -

    • identify and understand the areas of law your firm offers
    • design a questionnaire for each area of law identifying key parameters (for example, if you require a £250 deposit on account and the client does not wish to pay this, we will confirm your position with the client)
    • agree which enquiries we will manage: -
      • phone
      • email
      • online
  2. Phone Calls – to manage inbound calls, it is recommended that the advertising your firm uses has a new business enquiry number. This number will then be diverted to us and we will provide you with a bespoke number to be diverted to which only your firm will have. This ensures that we answer the in your firm’s name.
  3. Online/Emails – if you firm has the ability to accept enquiries online or direct to email accounts we can manage these incoming mail boxes. As enquiries arrive we will review them and engage with the customer to obtain any further information required before passing on the lead.
  4. Enquiry Filtering – an important element of the service is to ensure that we release your case handlers’ time by filtering enquiries that your firm cannot process and that we only pass through enquiries where the clients meet your minimum standards. We will work with you in each service area to set out such minimum requirement and ensure the client is aware of these before there is any further engagement.

    In event a client is not prepared to meet these requirements the enquiry will be closed before you spend any time and effort processing an enquiry that will not be accepted by the firm.

  5. Follow up – not all matters will be finalised in the initial call. Whilst there may be instances where we are able to gain an instruction and pass you the lead, clients may require a call back to finalise engagement. The follow up element of the service will include: -

    • return calls to clients who provide initial information but do not engage
    • follow up calls when quotations have been provided by the firm (this will require the firm to send to us quotations for follow up)
    • establishing the reasons why potential customers did not engage

    This is an important element of the service as too many firms do not have a robust approach that follows up on enquiries.

  6. Recording & Reporting – reporting is a key element of the service to ensure that the firm is fully aware of the status of each enquiry received.

    Enquiries where the client wishes to engage with the firm immediately will be transferred in real time to ensure the opportunity is not lost.

    Each week a report will be provided that confirms the:-

    • number of calls received
    • type of call
      • New business
      • Existing customer
      • legal service requested and enquiry passed to business
      • calls closed and reason
      • calls passed to the business
      • quotes to follow up
      • quotes accepted and clients converted
      • declined quotes
      • outstanding enquiries
      • source of the enquiry
      • number of hours spent providing the service

    Reports can be extended to meet the firm’s requirements.

  7. Training – to ensure each member of the new business team are fully aware of the requirements of your firm training presentations will be provided. We will also make these available to your staff.

The Cost

Our service is priced at £35 per hour payable monthly in arrears. Please note, there is a campaign set-up cost of £100.

We will work to a pre agreed number of hours and there are no minimum contractual periods. This puts you in control your budget.

You will be notified weekly of the number of hours spent on your campaign.


For more information about our NBMS you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

Download our New Business Management brochure here for more information

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