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Office Manual & Accounts Procedures

Our Office Manual & Accounts Procedure Service has been devised to provide law firms with an effective solution for the implementation and management of their procedures for managing the office generally and the accounts processes.

The service is provided in two parts:

  • An initial review of current documentation and the drafting of new policies or adapting existing policies
  • Ongoing updates and reviews as part of an annual maintenance package

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For more information about our Office Manual & Accounts Procedures service you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also download our Office Manual & Accounts Procedures brochure by clicking on the link below.

Our Office Manual & Accounts Procedures Service

Our Office Manual and Accounts Procedures service provides firms with a bespoke solution to the delivery of a manual that reflects how your firm operates and introduces best practice utilising our knowledge and experience.

Our Service – An Overview

Our services includes the following, as standard:

  • An initial interview and discussions with the firm to discuss the current approach to documenting offices policies and accounts procedures enabling us to gain an insight into the firm and an understanding of core requirements.
  • Review of the current office manual and accounts procedures. Some firms are content with approaching this afresh.
  • Consulting with the firm to ensure that the required information is obtained to ensure the policies and procedures written and bespoke to the firm and reflect the day to day practices of the firm.
  • Advising as necessary on areas to change to adopt best practice
  • Drafting the office manual and accounts procedures for discussion and approval
  • Discussing the draft documents for final agreement reflecting any required changes
  • Implementation of the office manual and procedures

Optional Additional Services include:

  • Training of the staff involved in the processes and affected by them.
  • Ongoing Maintenance to ensue the manual is up to date and reflective the changing needs of the firm.
  • Implementation of a bespoke performance management programme
  • Implementing of an employee handbook

If you are a firm that has Lexcel, you will already have an office procedures manual that documents the process. Our Service compliments this and ensure that the office manual is always kept up to date and therefore makes the maintenance of Lexcel easier.

If you do not have Lexcel as standard within the firm our service will ensue that your firm will has a set of procedures which document and record how the firm manage its processes and systems for use generally by the firm or the staff to demonstrate active management.

Our Service – The Detail

The process of working with a firm to deliver an accurate and bespoke set of policies and procedures can be a time consuming task. However, the approach by The Strategic Partner ensures firms gain the benefit of our experience and implementation of best practice which speeds up the process into a manageable time frame.

We will understand how your firm operates, interpret the requirements of your firm and draft a bespoke set of policies that are reflective of how your firm practices.

We will then work with you to communicate and train your staff on the firm’s requirements and maintain your office manual and accounts procedures so they are always relevant and up to date.

The stages of the service are:

  1. Engagement – Agreement to proceed with the service
  2. Consultation – Discussions with appropriate staff to gather the information and intelligence for drafting the policies
  3. Registers – Building and implementation of the appropriate registers to ensure the firm is compliant with the SRA Accounts Rules. 
  4. Drafting – Drafting each of the policies reflecting the actual activity in the firm and addressing best practice
  5. Implementation – Finalisation of the policies into ana approved document for implementation into the firm
  6. Training – Training of the staff to ensure they are aware of the policies and procedures and how to apply them
  7. Review – ongoing review and updates of the policies to ensure they always remain current
  8. Audit – Optional element of the service to interview staff and ensure the policies are being evidences and adopted fully with the provision of a report for the owners of the firm with recommendation and actions.

Standard Service

The key policies drafted as part of the manual are:

  • Firm Structure and Organigram
  • Key Departments and overview of service (internal and external)
  • Overview of the SRA Accounts Rules
  • Overview of the Codes of Conduct and where they impact on the firm’s processes
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • Accounts system overview
  • Case management system overview
  • General Procedures
  • File Opening
  • File Allocation
  • Anti-Money laundering
  • Time Recording
  • Billing
  • Monies on Account
  • Restrictive funds
  • Disbursements
      • Incurring             
      • Anticipated
      • Settling
      • Cancelling
      • Crediting
    • Processing Invoices
    • Requesting Payments
    • Cash Management
    • Paying in client monies
    • Overdrawing the client account
    • Office Transfers
    • Sending or disclosing account details
    • Authorisation Payments
    • Unrepresented cheques
    • Paying in cheques
    • Completion Statements
    • Purchase Requests
    • Write offs
      • WIP
      • Bills
    • Reconciliations
    • Client Own Account Management
    • Bankrupt of Insokvent Clients
    • Access
    • Aged Debt
    • Credit Control
    • Closing and Archiving files
    • Auditing
    • Management Information
    • Closing and Archiving
    • Training

Additional Services

  • Training – Optional addition
  • Audit and Reporting – Optional addition
  • Performance Management – Optional addition
  • Employee Handbook - Optional addition

The drafting of the office manual and accounts procedures provides a detailed overview of the firms processes and policies and provides a central document that can be uses for training, consistency of approach and evidencing of the firms approach to overall risk management and compliance.

In addition to the drafting of the policies we will train your staff to ensue there is a full understanding of the policies and the requirements of the firm.

We offer 3 additional optional services that firms can elect to take up. These are optional additions as not all firms will require the further interaction that these services bring: -

  1. Audit and Reporting – Site attendance to interview staff and review general activity to ensure the policies are being adopted and to identify updates or changes needed
  2. Performance Management – implement of a performance management programme that reflect the requirement of the firm and is both proportionate and measured.
  3. Employee Handbook - drafting of an up to date employee handbook for use within the firm to confirm to the employees how they will be managed.

This is a comprehensive service that it bespoke to each law firm and truly reflect how they operate with the additional benefit of our experience in law firm management to ensure the firm adopts best practice.

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For more information about our Office Manual & Accounts Procedures service, including details on costs you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also download our Office Manual & Accounts Procedures brochure by clicking on the link below.

Our Office Manual & Accounts Procedures Brochure 

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