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Practice Management

Our Practice Management Service has been designed to provide law firms with a solution for the day to day management of their firm.

Our service provides a dedicated practice manager to work for your firm ensuring that key tasks and functions are taken care of, allowing the owners of the firm to focus their attention on other elements such as supervision, client service and finances.

The Strategic Partner’s Practice Management Service is full and comprehensive and is tailored to meet the exact needs of each firm.

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For more information about our Practice Management Services you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also download our Practice Management Services brochure by clicking on the link below.

Our Expertise

Engagement with our service will replace the need for a full time Practice Manager. It therefore provides a cost effective solution giving firms the necessary support that would be traditionally provided by a Practice Manager, by working with you both remotely and on site as needed.

Our Practice Management Service - An Overview

We have extensive experience of managing law firms and the firms who work with us benefit from the knowledge we possess.

The inclusion of a Practice Manager in a firm enables the owners and decision makers to focus their attention on what is key and important to them whilst gaining the comfort and knowledge that the day to day needs of the firm and its staff are being managed effectively.

Although every law firm is different there are consistent elements to the running and management of a firm. Our service is tailored to meet the needs of each firm and from the list below, a firm can delete or add to a function ensuring that they obtain the full support needed.

The service includes:-

Practice Management Service

  • Provision of a dedicated firm email address to maintain effective communication.
  • Provision of a dedicated phone number for use within the firm and suppliers.
  • Monthly management report, outlining core activity in the month and the focus for the following month.
  • Assistance with accreditations and quality kite marks, including applications and renewals. For example: 
    1. CQS
    2. WICS
    3. Lexcel
    4. Professional Indemnity Insurance Renewal
  • Maintaining quality standard and membership database to ensure renewal dates are managed effectively.
  • Maintenance of the office manual.
  • Maintenance of the employee handbook
  • Review of Management Information and reporting (for practice and individual level) to include but not limited to (and subject to available data)
    1. Billing
    2. WIP
    3. WIP write off
    4. Disbursement control and write offs
    5. New cases opened
    6. Cases closed
    7. Unpaid bills
    8. Bad or doubtful debt
    9. Creditors List
    10. Money in
    11. Money out
  • Comparisons of actual performance against plans and projections.
  • Credit control and management of unpaid or disputed bills.
  • Register of contracts and key suppliers with management of renewals including service and price negotiation.
  • Holiday and sickness monitoring.
  • Discussing day to day issues with staff and resolving where possible or deferring to the Partners/Directors where needed.
  • Staff performance reviews as required. (Recommended Quarterly or Six monthly)
  • Recruitment including:
    1. Posting of job adverts
    2. Liaising with agencies
    3. Collation of CV's and shortlisting candidates
    4. Organising interviews
    5. Attending interviews
  • Organising new starters process:
    1. Offer letter
    2. Issuing contract
    3. Holiday calculation
    4. Set up HR file
  • Managing HR files with relevant information
  • Processing Leavers:
    1. Notifying Payroll
    2. Notifying IT to remove access
  • Managing Disciplinaries and Grievances:
    1. Receiving and collating evidence
    2. Issuing letters
    3. Recording outcomes
    4. Attending meetings as needed
  • Direct Management of supplier relationships as needed and monitoring of performance against contracts and agreed service levels.
  • Management and control of the firm’s business continuity plan.

If a firm has specific roles that it would like performed by its Practice Manager these can be factored into the overall role.

This is an interactive service that ensures firms, its owners and staff receive the required service on an ongoing basis.

No action will be taken without pre approval of the Partners/Directors or in accordance with prior agreed instructions.


Each month the firm will be sent a monthly report that will provide information on:

  1. An overview of core activity in the month.
  2. Focus for next month.
  3. Highlighting key issues or decisions required.
  4. Trend analysis reporting of common issues arising.
  5. Overview of core management information for Partners/Directors Meetings.

The report is an essential document to establish and demonstrate ongoing, effective management of the firm.

The Cost

Prices start from £1000 per month and will increase depending on the amount of interaction a firm requires to maintain the management of the firm. We will discuss with the firm their requirements and where necessary provide a price proposal based on the firm’s needs.

Any additional work above and beyond that agreed will be charged at an agreed hourly rate and all activity will be time recorded for ensuring the firm has full visibility and control of budgets.

About TSP

The Strategic Partner provides essential support to law firms offering a range of products, services and consultancy tailored to the legal sector. Our experience and focus provides you with additional support when you need it and we will work closely with the firm's owners as a partner to you.

Our strength lies in our knowledge, experience and connections. We work with you on a continual basis so that we truly understand your firm and, where needed, we provide key services, guidance and support. Our focus is to work with you as a valued partner, helping you to increase productivity and profitability. We aim to control risk through our solutions without affecting service delivery.


For more information about our Practice Management Service, view our brochure herecall us on 020 3911 9710 or email us at

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