Reasons why law firms should invest in Penetration Testing

All information has some value on the Dark Web and to cybercriminals, from simple logins through to card details and addresses, so it stands to reason that law firms will be a prime target for potential hacks and data breaches. The highly sensitive and confidential information held on file by solicitors means that in 2018 60% of law firms were affected by information security or data loss incident.

Improving the security of IT systems is one of the best ways of increasing the obstacles to cyber attacks.  However, the first step is to pinpoint the weaknesses in the system. This is where Penetration Testing comes into play.

Zero-knowledge Penetration Testing is a form of ethical hacking which is performed by a trusted cybersecurity firm. It works in the same way that cybercriminals do, relying on no knowledge of the IT system and throwing a broad net to attempt to gain access. By identifying areas of weakness, it is then possible to create a plan to ensure that they are closed. Think of it as a way of thinking like a criminal in order to stay one step ahead of them.

Ensuring that your law firm has a Cyber Essentials certificate is a starting point, and essential for Lexcel accreditation. Aside from ensuring that law firms remain compliant with IASME Governance Certification, and ISO 27001 requirements, Pen Testing has additional benefits. Firstly, it helps to mitigate the likelihood of client-side attacks. With many law firms now utilising features such as web portals and online forms, it can be relatively easy for cyber attackers to access sensitive client data. Pen Testing can help to identify where and how potential breaches could happen.

Additionally, regular Penetration Testing (we recommend that it takes place at least once a year) can help to boost the reputation of a law firm, providing clients with the peace of mind that their information and money is safe from potential hacks or breaches. A good reputation in the legal world is built up over years and the last thing that anyone wants is for it to be lost as a result of a concerted cyberattack.

Finally, zero-knowledge Pen Testing also provides the ability to predict the impact of potential attacks, plan for them, and ensure business continuity. This knowledge is priceless and can ensure that if there is a breach that business can continue as normal.

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