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About Us

The Strategic Partner is a knowledge hub, consultancy, and service provider for law firms, Professional Indemnity Insurers and those who interact with the Legal industry. Our focus is to provide quality services to all clients, enriching their businesses with our knowledge and expertise and becoming an integrated and valuable asset.

We have developed a range of packaged and bespoke services and solutions for both the Legal and Insurance Sectors which are all aimed at bringing intelligence, efficiency and where appropriate, enhanced profitability.

Our goal is to become a truly valued partner to all businesses we work with and to assist them with any challenges they face to overcome them and strengthen their business. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience alongside that of our Partners and will work with both law firms and insurers of all sizes to achieve their goals wherever possible.

The Strategic Partner

Our Expertise

We are a firm believer that the law firms we work with will be the judge of whether we are ‘experts’. Our drive is to work with law firms who wish to maintain or improve what they do, enabling them to service their clients and enhance profitability through effective processes and management.

We work with firms at multiple levels from being fully submersed into their strategy and management through to individual projects. We adapt to the needs of each firm we work with delivering valued support as they need it.

Through our services, we provide firms with solutions to bring true value and benefit. For more information on what we do, visit our consultancy and law firm support pages.

Our Services

We provide a range of services tailored to Legal firms and Insurers. Each of our services has been designed and developed to add true value into each law firm we work with.

Our services provide law firms with options to outsource certain functions of law firm management and control or to use our services to complement internal resources. We work with firms to bolster expertise and resources to ensure that they are able to focus their internal resources on service delivery and fee earning.

Whether working with us as an outsource provider or additional resource to complement an existing team or person, all of our solutions will be integrated to provide full value.

You can view a full list of our services by clicking on the links below:

Our Partners

We have partnered with a range of businesses and service providers who are experts in the Legal industry. We have taken the time to preselect and vet our partner businesses for their excellence and outstanding work and services for law firms.

Through using one of our Partners, you can be assured that they understand the challenges that law firms face and provide services and solutions that will work for your firm.

Our Membership

Members of The Strategic Partner receive additional benefits which are detailed in our membership page, but essential for firms are our support and guidance advice line, interactive membership portal and discounts on our services and those of our Partner businesses.

For more information on our membership and the benefits of being part of our network visit our Members Page.

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