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An Introduction to Email Account Security | Mitigo
September 15, 2022



Your business email account is the most common entry point for criminals and is at the root of many successful cyber-attacks on lawyers. It is not surprising that the most used function in a business is the one that criminals use to exploit. What is surprising, is that the security of a firm’s email system isn’t made a higher priority.

In this summary we will describe how attacks start in order to give an insight into the key things that you need to defend against. We will also describe some common consequences of an attack to help to understand why this subject deserves real attention. Finally, we give ten top tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.


Top 4 Attack Approaches

1. Phishing.

2. Malicious attachments. 

3. Account hijack. 

4. Spoofing. 


Top 3 Consequences

1. Ransom.

2. Virus spreading spam email.

3. Payment diversion. 


Top tips to help defend against email attacks

1. Appropriate business email account. 

2. Good employee disciplines.

3. Unique, strong passwords and strong authentication.

4. Inbound filters.

5. Domain records. 

6. Staff training and simulation. 

7. Access methods. 

8. Payment methods. 

9. Antivirus & browser integration.

10. Alerts and blocks.


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This guide gives you a starting point and a roadmap. Please invest some time and resources to getting this right, it will be the best money you spend this year.

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