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Bluebird offer you a free e-book
August 22, 2022


For Format’s Sake! A Guide To Help Lawyers Produce Their Own Documents

Bluebird offers you a free e-book which should take no longer than an hour to read. To implement your new skills may take a couple of days and within a few weeks of practice, you will be a competent Word user. You will be faster at creating and updating your documents and you will be presenting your business brand in documents to be proud of.

Whether you’re starting a business from scratch, or have worked in the same firm for years, the framework outlined in For Format’s Sake! will help you produce your documents with less stress.

For many, many years we have seen lawyers break their documents, waste time with formatting and cause more problems that could easily be avoided. And there’s a good reason too. Not many people have received basic training (although some may consider the contents of this book advanced training).

In this short book, we have provided you with some super-useful information to help you solve some of those problems you didn’t know how to fix, and perhaps given you some new ones to try out.

But we know time is limited – which is why the book is short – so all of them will save you time and money … and a lot of unnecessary frustration.

To get your free book For Format’s Sake!  A Guide For Lawyers Who Produce Their Own Documents visit this page: For Format’s Sake! – Bluebird Support Services (bluebirdservices.co.uk).


View and download the PDF of this article here.

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