Despite the fact that workers are being encouraged to get back to the office, the lockdowns of 2020/21 have dramatically changed the culture of working. For law firms, staff may have discovered that they can complete tasks from the comfort of their home offices and could be considering embracing a hybrid level of working. Others may use their own devices to access documents out of work hours or when in meetings with clients away from the office. A report by Aperian found that the majority of employees asked felt that they were more productive when they were using their own devices for work.

However, employee use of their own devices (BYOD) can pose a serious security risk for law firms. Whether it is a risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands as a result of a lost device, or the risk of introducing malware to your system due to less rigorous security compliance procedures, it’s vital that law firms ensure that their data is kept safe on employees’ personal devices. Here’s how LP Networks can help:

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a frequently used tool that gives an employer visibility and control over company owned devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. It makes it possible to remotely wipe data from any device and can block apps from interacting with or accessing any company data. Even better, an MDM can lock data and protect it with a password or thumbprint, adding an extra level of security in case the device gets into the wrong hands.

While it’s understandable that members of your legal team may question having a company-controlled device manager installed on their own devices, they should also consider the sensitive nature of legal documents and ease of access to third parties. Being able to access client information remotely is a privilege that comes with a level of accepted responsibility and security, LP Networks offer an MDM from Meraki Systems which is considered to be one of the best in its class and has no impact on any of their personal usage.

Train your team to spot cyber security dangers

It’s an unfortunate (and often repeated) statistic that law firms are becoming increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. Even more concerning are the numbers of firms that fall victim to criminal attempts.

One of the best ways to ensure that your data is safe from a breach or attack is to train your team in spotting the dangers. Over Ninety percent of breaches can be traced back to a phishing email.

LP Networks provide a comprehensive and informative user awareness education programme that not only provides extensive cyber security training, but also tests users to ensure they have absorbed the information, and are using it and therefore showing to the business where the risks are.

Improve your endpoint security

Endpoint security is an excellent way of adding another security layer to your network and helps to protect every device on your network from criminals and hackers. This even includes any devices that are used remotely, meaning you can protect your teams’ own devices when they use them to access files and data.

Aside from providing additional protection for your clients’ information and money, effective endpoint security is also an excellent way of proving that you are GDPR compliant and can be used towards Cyber Essentials and Lexcel accreditation.

Have a conversation with some IT experts

If you are a law firm that has embraced remote working and BYOD and want to ensure that all of your data is secure, no matter where or how it is accessed, our team will be happy to help. Get in touch to arrange a conversation with one of our team.


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