Cyber Security

Data Privacy and Cybercrime Concerns

 1. Introduction In recent years, cybercriminals have increasingly targeted law firms due to the wealth of sensitive information they possess. A firm's data consists of confidential client records, critical intellectual property, and proprietary knowledge. Hence, a successful cyber-attack could have [...]
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Data Protection and GDPR with blue tech shield

Data Protection and GDPR – Protecting Your Firm

Introduction With the advancement in technology, cyberattacks have become more prevalent and sophisticated. Subsequently, this has led to increased data theft incidents that can have severe consequences for firms and their clients. Read our previous article – Cybercrime Warning, A Must Read [...]
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"Cybercrime Warning" with tech images of locks and code

Cybercrime Warning – A Must Read

At The Strategic Partner, we provide outsourced compliance solutions for several firms. Although cybercrime is prevalent across the industry, since 1st March 2023, we have had four reported instances of Cybercriminals infiltrating law firms' systems. What is concerning about these [...]
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"The Cybercriminal Ecosystem" with a man on a computer with code

The Cybercriminal Ecosystem: Evolution and Extortion

Law firms rely on their reputation, hold lots of confidential and valuable information belonging to their clients, and handle financial transactions. This combination makes them the ideal target for cybercriminals who once inside a law firm’s IT systems will use [...]
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