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Client Care Pack Drafting

At The Strategic Partner, we work with firms to ensure they have documentation that is bespoke to them and reflects what they do in practice. The document drafting solutions we offer are provided in consultation with the firm and cover a range of documents, from client care packs to complex processes and policy management.

If your firm believes its documented processes need to be updated, our solutions accelerate the attainment of the required regulatory standards. They are always delivered in consultation with the firm and, therefore, bespoke to that firm.

Law Firm Compliance

The Service

Our approach to client care is to generate one client care letter and one terms of business, with relevant attachments to make the letter bespoke to a particular case type. As an example (or starter), we will provide you with a property notice so you can see how we recommend you set out the case-specific items. Still, you will also have standard attachments that you send out, such as property information questionnaires, etc., in addition to a general information notice.

The concept is that fee earners only change the editable fields in the Client Care Letter and Terms of Business and then add relevant attachments to make the Client Care Pack relevant to the client and their matter. There are also various options to add certain documents to the website and create a link to those documents, such as a complaint procedure policy or data protection notice. We will also help identify fields in which your case management system can auto complete.

The client care pack includes:

  1. The draft client care letter.
  2. Draft Terms and of Business.
  3. Acceptance of instructions with and without CCA waiver.
  4. ID verification document list.
  5. Waiver of right to cancel.
  6. Data Protection Information Notice – which you can add to the website and create a link.
  7. Complaint Policy- this should already be a link on your website.
  8. Property addendum – which provides you with a typical addendum and you can use this to inspire the other departments to create their own addendum to make the letter matter specific.

You can download our Client Care Pack Drafting Service Brochure for more information about this service, including the stages of the process and costs.


Expert Process and Procedures Drafting

We offer a range of other bespoke process and document drafting solutions, tailored specifically for your firm, covering areas including:

  • Risk and Compliance documentation
  • Office Manual
  • Accounts and Finance Manual
  • Employee Handbook

And much more…

You can find out more by visiting: Process and Document Drafting Services

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