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Conveyancing Assistant Service Pricing Structure
March 20, 2023

Costs of employing in-house staff compared to outsourcing

As an employer, you have responsibility for paying salary, Employer’s National Insurance Contributions and pension contribution.  Salaries are based on productive time which is 52 weeks, fewer holidays, fewer break times, and less any absences such as sickness that may be agreed under the contract.

We have created services for which you pay only for productive time, without any costs – or risks – of employment.


A fair way of paying for your services

Outsourcing is not the same as off-shoring, and our UK-based workers will earn the same rate of pay as employed staff.  How and where they earn their income is what is different from being employed.

We have created a shared service resource for you to tap into where you pay only for the productive time of staff for the tasks you need to do.

We call it a pay-per-task way of charging.  It means that you are always in control of what you spend, and you are guaranteed a service level for the work that is done.

It also means that each task can be tracked and quality checked and leaves an audit trail.


How we charge for Conveyancing Assistant service

We have dissected a standard sale and purchase conveyancing transaction (registered title) and listed all the elements into a series of tasks.  We have listed the associated time needed to complete it and, from then, calculated the cost-per-task.  This is how we deliver you fixed-price admin support.

We can send you the full list so you can request a quote for our services. As it is National Conveyancing Week, it is the perfect opportunity to refine your firm’s internal conveyancing processes.


Confidence in qualifications and experience

Conveyancing can be a high-risk area for law firms that rightly demand qualified and experienced staff to deliver a transaction on time and on budget.  Especially when lots of firms are competing with fixed prices for their services.

It’s vital that the law firm has control of all aspects of the legal transaction for compliance purposes. Outsourcing any aspect of your work requires comprehensive service agreements to be in place, as, ultimately, the law firm takes full responsibility for every element of a transaction. Nobody wants to be negatively impacted by professional indemnity premiums.

Our team are experienced in working with a multitude of legal technology systems and are highly experienced in Conveyancing.


Now is a great time to consider outsourcing

A large majority of professional services now have experience working remotely and flexibly.  Plugging in a Bluebird flexible resource helps you expand your practice without disruption or increasing payroll costs.

You will have a greater ability to deal with peaks and troughs in workflow and manage urgent deadlines.

You won’t need to spend on recruitment costs or invest in training new staff.  We already have lots of know-how in our knowledge base and can hit the ground running for you.


A low-risk proposition

Our pay-per-task fixed price Conveyancing Assistant support is designed to be a help to you, and we want it to be as lowest risk possible.  Let us know which tasks you need help with, and together we can design a new way of working.


Contact Bluebird today to discover their range of support systems that could benefit your firm.

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