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EzeScan announces Partnership with PaperCut giving users direct capture interface with Line of Business Applications

Outback Imaging, the home of EzeScan Enterprise Capture, has announced a partnership with PaperCut, the innovative print management software provider that allows users to track, control, and enable more thoughtful printing.

This collaboration provides PaperCut customers with seamless access to EzeScan’s digitisation for Records Management within the PaperCutMF embedded application. For the end-user, this means a single workflow interface to work with at the multi-function printer that gives you access to 20+ third-party integrations that EzeScan offers. “EzeScan is a global leader in Enterprise capture.

Our experience in records capture and integrations into many popular electronic document management systems made EzeScan partner of choice for PaperCut”, said Demos Gougoulas,

EzeScan’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

With the power of EzeScan, users throughout any enterprise can effectively capture any type of document and extract/validate/index documents and upload them in the right place where they need to be stored and actioned. Processes can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, depending on the required business process.

With no third-party apps to install or manage, EzeScan appears as an additional button within PaperCut that acts as a gateway to any organisations line of business needs.

“It’s a fantastic integration for our ecosystem who often meet complex records management and digital document compliance needs, especially in the Government, Enterprise or Education markets” says PaperCut’s Product Manager Scanning,

Jamie McClunie.

EzeScan’s integration enables users to:

• Batch scan and register to Line of Business Applications from the one application

• Automatically register a document into folders using barcode cover sheets via PaperCut

• Supports lookups, uploads and validations via ODBC connectors

• Batch process hardcopy documents, electronic files, emails and invoices with ease

• Use EzeScan’s on-line “Remote Indexing Assistant” (RIA) to speed up your document registration

• Exception Handling

• Inbuilt lookup functionality

• Manual indexing

• Upload new versions to existing document files

• Extract Invoice information as required

• Achieve digitisation records management compliance with “out of the box” PDF/A support



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