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Law firms are a specialist and unique type of business that requires specific expertise to help deliver effective and compliant marketing campaigns. The Strategic Partner and FireTap Ltd work in unison to deliver law firms with industry-leading expertise with an insight into law firm marketing that is unrivalled.

Fusing the legal knowledge of TSP with the world-class marketing expertise of FireTap provides a unique combination that firms benefit from and builds successful and effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Not only will your firm benefit from full-service marketing agency support, but also a robust legal strategy that drives your business forward.

Our approach is simple. Law firms will have complete control of their budget with complete transparency of activity and marketing spend as we time record for all the work we undertake and will not exceed a budget unless approved by the firm in advance.

We believe in providing our clients with legal marketing solutions that work, at the most affordable rate.

A discussion with our marketing team is free and we will provide a no-obligation quotation having understood your needs.

Law Firm Marketing


Our legal marketing consultants work with firms in the UK and Overseas, either alongside an internal marketing team or resource, or as a wholly outsourced partner where we take full control and responsibility for managing your marketing and advertising strategy.

Their expertise includes working with firms of all sizes and structures, including Individuals, Sole Practitioners, Partnership, Companies, and PLC’s. From single office firms through to multinational multi-department/service firms with offices in the UK and abroad, their knowledge and expertise along with the unique expertise of The Strategic Partner provide law firms with a robust marketing solution.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is simply the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, primarily on the internet but also via mobile, email, display advertising. Due to its nature, digital marketing evolves quickly and the need to keep content up to date and relevant is vital for any digital campaign.

We have partnered with FireTap who are a specialist legal agency with extensive experience and specialisation in the sector. They provide all forms of marketing services for law firms, ranging from content creation to SEO works.

Utilising outsourced agencies to perform Marketing services in the legal sector has not been as prominent in the past; however, Law Firms are starting to see how digital marketing techniques can give them an edge, allowing them to reach highly targeted audiences, capture vital data, boost their brand awareness and generate leads and new business into their firm.

Digital Marketing allows you to achieve this while offering greater cost control and transparency, detailed performance analytics, and much clearer Return On Investment.

As a specialist Digital Marketing Consultancy, FireTap offers a full range of digital marketing services, including:

    • Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Social Media Management
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Copy & Content Creation
    • Design & Branding
    • Email Marketing

    Digital Marketing is a specialist area and to gain maximum benefit from a digital campaign it is recommended to use a digital agency such as FireTap, either working in tandem with in-house resources or as a complete outsource partner.

    Members of The Strategic Partner will gain the benefit of bespoke packages organised exclusively for our members.

    Content Creation Services

    Is your website content actually deterring business? Do you struggle to find the time to write or deliver content to promote your firm and services?

    In the real world, finding time to write content and knowing what to say is often challenging. With social media platforms and other forms of online marketing providing a platform to promote a business, services, and products there has never been an easier or better time to tell your target audience what you are up to.

    We all appreciate that if we want to let others know what we do and establish expertise, we have to tell people. Using online marketing and advertising is an established way of self-promotion.

    The challenge for most businesses is finding the time to write the content. The next challenge is sitting down with a blank piece of paper to write what you want to say. Often the result is that the time disappears, the content is not written and the marketing plan falls over before it has even started.

    The Strategic Partner, in collaboration with FireTap Marketing, have developed a team of expert content writers who will craft expertly written content promoting your firm and its service in a way that helps you connect with your target market.

    If you are struggling to write and deliver content, we can help. Our content writing services include –

    • News and blogs
    • Articles and Newsletters
    • Website content
    • Social media posts

    Marketing Services for Law Firms

    Online Visibility Consultancy

    FireTap also helps clients understand the current state of their online presence, their ‘digital footprint’. Through their consultancy services, they can provide you with a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your current digital presence and offer strategic solutions.

    They can also be engaged to perform a market analysis where they will give you an insight into the activity of the competition and provide detailed guidance on budget and target audience.

    Their Consultancy Services include:

    • Web Design & Build
    • Research, analysis, and reporting
    • Optimisation of Existing Websites
    • Digital & Brand Strategy
    • Digital Consultancy
    • Training
    • Content Writing
    • Email Campaigns
    • Social Media Management

    Traditional Marketing Services

    Many Law Firms still like to use a mix of Digital and Traditional marketing methods to promote their brand and services.

    FireTap can assist with your traditional marketing, from developing print materials or designing and placing adverts, developing and managing targeted direct mail campaigns.

    From letterheads and business cards through to adverts and display stands, FireTap has the design ability to deliver your needs.

    Business Development

    The Strategic Partner, also serving as a business consultancy, have years of experience working with clients on Business Development.

    Business Development Services offered to include:

    • Identifying target markets and audience
    • Developing and implementing strategies to successfully reach and engage those customers

    We know you can’t grow by standing still, so we will help you define your path to growth and work with you to develop new business.

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