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Playfair Partnerships provide financial management services on behalf of The Strategic Partner. Find out more about Playfair in their brochure below, or you can call us to discuss on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

Full Financial Review

At Playfair, in association with The Strategic Partner, we understand the pressures that can often be associated with managing the finances of a busy and successful law firm, particularly due to the extensive regulations set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Therefore, we offer a complete service that combines the basic features of two of our most popular services and looks deeper into the operations of your business. Our Full Financial Review is a combination of our:

  • Financial Health Check
  • Financial Business Plan

With these services, we offer a full review and audit of the financial aspects of your law firm and offer comprehensive, tailored recommendations as a result of any issues we identify.

Find out more about each aspect of these services below.

Financial Health Check

The Playfair Financial Health Check combines three key areas of your firm’s finances, ensuring a comprehensive overview and subsequent solution to any problem area that may be identified. The review covers the following:

  • Historical and planned performance.
  • Working Capital and funding.
  • Partner income, profit and funding.

Each area will be carefully reviewed and investigated, ensuring that the firm’s finances are stable and that if there are any gaps, these are addressed with suitable and efficient solutions.

Find out more about the Playfair Financial Health Check service here.

Financial Business Plan

As with any business, comprehensive plans for law firms are essential, including for the finances involved. Whether this is projections for the future, or analysis of past figures, it is essential to ensure proper systems and guidance are in place relating to profit and loss budgets and monthly cashflow forecasts.

The Playfair Financial Business Plan service allows the firm’s profitability and cash flow to be analysed and reviewed. Following this, Playfair provides suitable recommendations for the firm’s future.

Overall, this service provides the following:

  • Production of profit and loss budgets
  • Production of monthly cashflow forecasts
  • Overview and commentary of the above, including appropriate recommendations.

Find out more about this service here.

Legal Financial Review Service

The Full Financial Review by Playfair, in association with The Strategic Partner, provides excellent insight to law firms through two of our most popular services, the Financial Health Check and Financial Business Plan audits.

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