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Human Resources (HR)

Our experience in managing matters that arise from staff management within the legal sector is extensive. Whether you are looking for general support and guidance, a complete outsource solution of your HR functionality or specific tasks such as payroll or recruitment, we assist with it all. We have the expertise to serve as your business consultants providing you first-rate law firm HR advice.

Our HR consultancy service provides unbiased, expert and pragmatic solutions to HR-related matters that can often be complex. The repercussions of not correctly handling HR matters within your firm can be severe and have a significant effect on fee earners and, in some extreme cases, lead to the loss of clients.

Ensuring that a healthy work environment has been created and maintained within your firm is adequate to encourage efficient working among staff members. Internal disputes can negatively impact case handling amongst other issues such as unproductive departments and performance management.

Our team have an established reputation built on trust and proficiency. We handle all Human Resource issues with confidentiality and ensure our advice is impartial. No matter how complicated or sensitive the subject might be, The Strategic Partner has the expertise to tackle these issues head-on.

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The Service

HR Advice & Support, Staff Management, Payroll, Staff Benefits and Recruitment

Our experience in managing staffing matters that arise from the management of staff in a legal environment is extensive. Whether looking for general support and guidance, a complete outsource solution of your HR functionality or specific tasks such as payroll or recruitment, we have the expertise to serve as your business consultants providing you first-rate law firm HR advice.

HR Advice and Support

At The Strategic Partner, we offer HR consultancy services, advice and support. We step in to support an in house HR function or to act as a complete outsourced service providing HR guidance and support when you need it.

Our experience and advice covers:

      • Contracts and Handbooks
      • Staff Management and review structures
      • Absence Management
      • Restructure and consultation
      • Redundancy
      • Training and Development
      • Guidance and Mentoring
      • Grievance and Disciplinary Investigations
      • Grievance and Disciplinary hearing management
      • Data Protection Management and Breaches
      • Equality and Diversity Management and Breaches

Essentially, we work with you as an outsource HR Partner for help with any event where you would benefit from guidance from an HR expert.


Staff Management and Welfare

At the heart of every successful business is their staff. We believe the way in which the staff are managed and supported is central to gaining their support and commitment, therefore we provide separate staff management advice to help implement this belief. From a performance review system through to assisting with organising benefits packages we can assist with the implementation of a staff management and welfare scheme that helps ensure staff are supported and valued throughout their career with your firm.

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Payroll and Benefits

Our Payroll and benefits partner, Collards Accountancy Services, provides a responsive and competitive service that ensures delivery of payroll services on time with amendments and adjustments to reflect the ongoing needs of your business.



We are not a recruitment agency, but we are able to assist with recruitment either through:

  • Advertising your roles on our website and using our social presence to advertise your Firm’s vacancies (this is also part of your membership)
  • Posting vacancies and managing applications via various job boards. This includes managing and reviewing CVs against your requirements and sending candidates that match these.
  • We can also assist sourcing the candidate and undertake interviews if needed. Our service sits alongside your current recruitment processes bringing another dimension to your recruitment and selection process ensuring you find the right candidates for the roles in your business.

The Strategic Partner’s focus is to assist you with placing well written attractive adverts, managing those adverts to the target audience and processing application as they arrive.

If you have active vacancies in your firm and would like to use our network to promote and advertise your roles, all you need to do is become a member. Our members can advertise this through our website.

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