IT procurement is possibly not the most exciting topic to talk about, but one that can have a significant impact on the functionality of any law firm. It’s undeniable that our reliance on efficient IT has grown over recent years, the need for wi-fi that works, devices that can handle specialist software, and growth in hybrid working have led many firms to begin evaluating where they source their IT equipment from.

Before Brexit, it was possible to shop around, buying IT equipment from Europe at lower prices because of the lack of import or export tariffs between EU member states. Since the UK’s exit from the bloc, things have dramatically changed and there is now a customs border between the UK and the EU. For firms who may have previously shopped around for IT equipment, importing goods from the continent, there is now a significant amount of extra paperwork to be completed and added charges, including taxes, duties, tariffs, and import VAT. What may have previously been a bargain can now work out more expensive, which is why law firms should begin re-evaluating their IT procurement processes.

In IT there is always one thing that is inevitable, devices and software will eventually end their lifespan and will need to be replaced. If you consider that a 20-year-old laptop had fewer gigabytes of memory than the smartphone that you may be reading this article on, it’s easy to see that everything has its time. The thing is that it should never come as a surprise. Instead, firms should have a solid plan that outlines when devices and software will need to be replaced.

One way of doing this is to use a vCIO service. Virtual Chief Information Officers are there to provide an IT strategy that aligns with business strategy. They are there to ensure that IT systems are providing the best possible return of interest, whilst also advising on future developments. The other bonus of using a vCIO is that they already have the procurement processes and supply chains in place to source new IT equipment without the headaches of paying for extra tariffs and taxes. That’s because IT companies offering a vCIO service will undoubtedly have good connections with manufacturers. So, using a Virtual Chief Information Officer will ultimately reduce the need for reactive purchasing of devices, improve performance and efficiency, and reduce IT costs.

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