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IT & Cybersecurity

At The Strategic Partner, we work alongside some powerful businesses to provide firms with effective IT platforms, offering efficiency and protection providing sustainability.

TSP works with Mitigo for Cybersecurity Solutions.

The combination of the experience of The Strategic Partner and our IT solution providers delivers an effective solution for law firms.

Law Firm Compliance

The Service

Their experience ranges from small niche practices through to large multi-site, multinational firms.

Through their partnership with us, we can provide our member firms with cost-effective IT solutions as we have agreed on preferential rates for our member firms.

If you are seeking interaction with an IT provider as a full outsourced partner for all IT needs or looking to engage on a one-time project, we can organise this for you.

IT Systems, Cybersecurity, Hardware & Infrastructure and Communications

At The Strategic Partner, we provide consulting through our own expertise and, where necessary, will involve the experience of our partner businesses.


In an ever-changing IT world where new products and services are brought into the sector constantly, it is important to be knowledgeable about the threats to your firm. Cybercriminals use a variety of methods to steal your firm’s data, including phishing, malware and hacking.

Our partners have a deep understanding of how best to ensure your firm’s protection online.

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Hardware & Structure

In an ever-changing IT world where new products and services are brought into the sector constantly, it is important to be informed on what is available and whether your firm could benefit.

Our partners’ experience ranges from simple installation of a PC to complex hardware installation and upgrades across multiple sites and multiple platforms.

Communications Infrastructure

A part of the overall architecture of your business IT platform is the communication structure which controls your voice calls and access to the internet, which your case management systems will be reliant upon.

Communications structure covers an extensive range of services from routing of calls as they arrive in your business, through to how your PC’s connect to your staff and your clients.

The cost of these services can range dramatically, as can the cost of your line rentals and the calls you make.

Getting the right structure in your business will not only ensure that it meets the needs of your firm but will also ensure you are not wasting money on services that you simply do not need.

We also work with one of the leading providers of calls in the UK and through the affiliation with The Strategic Partner, we have agreed market leading rates for all member firms.

Their team have extensive experience in delivering communication infrastructures that meet the exact requirements of any business and we will work with the providers of the services to get you the best value at all times.

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