New Law Firm & ABS Applications

The process of achieving an authorised law firm can become time-consuming and complex, but there is a structured approach to achieving this and with expert guidance, you can achieve your goal of an authorised firm in the quickest possible time frame and adopt best practice along the way to strengthen your firm from the start.

Making an application to register a new firm requires focus and expertise alongside well-drafted and presented documentation. Mistakes and errors cause delays and with the new firm opening being time-critical, it can often help to take guidance and support from experts who have assisted multiple firms to gain the authorisation.

From liaising with Insurers and the SRA including the preparation of forms and supporting documents, in conjunction with the proposed firm is where TSP can assist and provide invaluable expertise and resource.

Regardless of the stage a firm is at, from embryonic discussions through to being challenged on an application, The Strategic Partner has the skills and ability to assist.

We will work with you to understand your proposed structure, enabling us to guide you on the SRA requirements that you will need to achieve to secure authorisation.

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New Law Firm & ABS Applications – The Detail

Through working with The Strategic Partner to launch your new law firm, you will ensure a quicker path to regulation and commencement of trading.

The making of an application to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is a process, that with expert guidance can ensure your firm enters the correct structure from the start and provides the necessary information to the SRA and Insurers to support the application process.

This will include working with Insurers to obtain a quotation for Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We assist individuals and firms with making an application for all structure types including:

  • Sole Practitioners
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability Partnerships
  • Ltd Companies
  • Alternative Business Structures (ABS)

Our new law firm application service guides firms and their owners on a number of key decisions that need to be made when applying to the SRA and seeking Professional Indemnity Insurance, to ensure the application process is as seamless and as quick as possible.

To make an application to the SRA there are various steps that are required. Our service is adaptable so we will only do what you need us to. We can manage the entire process for you or we can work with you to do the elements where you need our expertise.

The approach and steps will include:

  • Agreeing on the most appropriate structure
  • Registration of the LLP or Ltd Company
  • Building a business plan and projections to support the application
  • Application for Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Completion of the SRA forms for both the firm and individuals
  • Provision of the necessary documentation to attach to the SRA and insurance applications
  • Developing an overall Business Strategy
  • Development and delivery of compliance and risk processes and documentation – see our compliance services.
  • Establishing requirements and roles for compliance officers including:
    • COLP
    • COFA
    • MLCO
    • MLRO
    • Training Principal
    • Complaint Manager
  • Final Application Submission of documents to the Insurer and SRA as Agent
  • Liaising with the SRA and insurers from submission to final authorisation

The application process can provide complex and time-consuming and through working with The Strategic Partner, you can be assured of direct guidance and advice to streamline the process and deliver your new firm in the quickest possible time frame.

We also work with you on an ongoing basis providing you with robust solutions to manage risk and compliance on an ongoing basis or to provide you with other services and management.

Our compliance solutions have been specially designed to deliver effective risk and compliance solutions that are cost-effective. You can see full details by clicking the following links:


For more information about our New Law Firm & ABS application service, you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

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