Partner Training and Mentoring

Becoming a Partner of a law firm is an achievement for any Solicitor but can also be a daunting prospect. Lawyers do not always get taught the necessary skills to run a business but becoming a Partner will often bring with it heightened expertise and requirements,  including the need to make decisions that you may not feel equipped to do so.

Whether you are already a Partner of a firm or are seeking to bring in or promote new Partners we have developed a training and mentoring programme that works for both existing and new Partners.

Our Partner Training and Mentoring Service is focused on the development and support for Partners (or potential Partners) through the provision of external guidance and support to enhance their own skill sets or to teach new skills which can be taken forward in their role as a Partner.

The service can either be provided as part of a training programme or can be used as a mentoring solution, giving a person or a group of people access to a mentor as and when they need guidance, support, or a second opinion.

If this is provided part of a training programme each course is developed for the firm and in consultation with the firm to meet their exact needs. This is a very bespoke and personal service to each firm.

Partner Training and Mentoring

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Partner Training and Mentoring – The Detail

The Strategic Partner has developed a powerful training programme for law firms that identifies and prepares solicitors for the step into a Partnership or Ownership.

The purpose of the programme is to provide future partners with expertise and guidance on a range of topics that partners of law firms should know and understand.

This training programme should be considered part of a firm’s succession plan. Effective law firm management requires firms to have a succession plan in place which is not always easily achieved.

We work with firms in consultation with the current owners to assist in putting in place a succession plan to secure the future of the firm. In addition, we will further work with prospective owners to ensure they are ready for the challenges that face them through training and mentoring.

The focus is to prepare them for the challenges that will confront them to manage a law firm, partake fully as a partner, interact with clients, staff and external businesses to ensure that they get the maximum input (or output) from every relationship.

The Training and Mentoring Programme

This training and mentoring programme is designed to run for 6 -12 months in a series of monthly sessions, the reality of working in a law firm and preparing for a Partnership is that adaptation may be required as the needs of both the firms and the individuals change on an ongoing basis.  Each of the sessions is a day in duration, however, these can be broken down further into ½ days if that suits the firm’s requirements.

Through the duration of the training programme and for 3 months thereafter (which can be extended), those enrolled in the training will be provided with access to a mentor to provide ongoing support, guidance, and assistance on topics where they need assistance.

Training is provided by industry leaders who have practical management and expertise in the sections and the mentoring is provided by practitioners who have extensive experience and knowledge of management in the legal sector.

Understanding Requirements

Each firm is different as are their requirements. To ensure the firm and the individuals gain maximum benefit from the programme, an initial session is held with the current partners enabling a full discussion on the expectations of the course and final requirements. The programme will then be added to and adapted to meet these needs.

Below, we set out the suggested areas to focus on, these can be adapted, reduced, and extended as needed.

The obvious goal is to enrich the knowledge and skillsets of new Partners or those being chosen for potential Partnership to prepare them fully for taking on the responsibility of being a Partner.

This process can also be used to help identify future Partners as feedback will be provided to the Partnership on each individual, as a profile is built through the duration of the programme.

Suggested Programme

The following sets out the proposed programme which can be updated and tailored to meet the specific needs of any firm. Workshops will include: –

Regulation and Compliance

Solicitors Accounts Rules and the Code of Conduct – what does it mean in Practice

  • Anti-money Laundering and getting it right
  • Implementing and maintaining risk review and audit standards
  • Dealing with the SRA and interacting with them
  • Managing complaints and general client service
  • COLP duties
  • COFA duties
  • AML
  • Managing and controlling risk both personal and firm-wide
  • Understanding the market and the challenges regulation can bring
  • Common threats and solutions to overcome them
  • Dealing with the SRA

10.2.2. Financial Management

  • HMRC and law firms
  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • NI and ErNI
  • Investigations
  • Reporting
  • Reading and understanding management accounts
  • What is required by your accountants to prepare the accounts
  • Planning and forecasting

10.2.3. Law firm marketing and business development

  • Understanding the fundamentals
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing inc Social media management
  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Events
  • Tenders
  • Proposal and winning sponsorship for your ideas
  • Building a marketing and advertising strategy
  • Winning new business, the tactics and the approach
  • New Business Management and Conversion

10.2.4. GDPR and data protection

  • Confidentiality and Disclosure
  • How to comply with the GDPR
  • Protecting and controlling data
  • Effective data compliance structures


Management and Controls

  • Communication
  • Importance of objectives and targets
  • Performance management for all levels
  • Managing and influencing upwards
  • Anti-discrimination and ethics
  • Stepping up to be a decision-maker
  • Managing relationships
  • Client relationships

o Corporate

o Personal

  • Interviewing
  • Planning and delivering training

Case Management and Data

  • Technology in the legal sector
  • When to use or introduce technology
  • Use of the case management system success and failure
  • Managing data
  • Using data effectively
  • When to change or upgrade

Financial Management and Strategy – understanding and application

  • Building a strategy – what to consider, whom to involve, and how to present
  • Managing and monitoring results
  • Review and adapt – why, how, and when
  • Assessing the impact of strategies, when to change, when to continue and when to stop
  • Reporting and communicating

Each session will bring practical learning through demonstration of application and case studies to support and aid understanding.

Additional Support (optional)

The pricing for additional support will depend on several factors and be confirmed following an initial conversation.

We will work with the firm to ensure the pricing is cost-effective, affordable, and delivers full value into the firm.


The pricing for a full programme will depend on several factors and be confirmed following an initial conversation. We will work with the firm to ensure the pricing is cost-effective, affordable and deliverable full value into the firm.


Although an intensive programme is delivered in a way that encourages full participation by the attendees.

Our focus is to provide practical learning and accelerate experience enriching the future Partners of the firm, so they are better prepared for the challenges of management and ownership.

Each of those providing the courses have been leaders in their own right at senior levels in the legal industry or in their specialist sector. The programme itself is bespoke to the firm and will be adapted to meet the firm’s requirements.


For more information about our Partner Training and Mentoring service you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at

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