Professional Indemnity Applications

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a necessity for law firms but with the right Broker and Insurer, this compulsory insurance can provide additional benefits and work with the market to deliver some of those additional benefits by fusing some of our services and solutions into insurance products.

The Strategic Partner has built a positive reputation with several Brokers and Insurers for working with firms to enhance their risk management process and profile. Through our work, we often get instructed by Insurers for risk management based consultancy and our closeness with the industry bring benefits to both the Insured and Insurer.

Whilst TSP cannot advise on the Insurance products themselves, we are able to identify key elements to a firm and assist with an introduction to key Brokers and their Insurer Partner, enabling them to benefit from our expertise and relationship with the Insurers.

If a firm is seeking to review the PII provider and would like to discuss how TSP operates, we are available to discuss any issues and ready to make appropriate introductions to provide effective Insurance solutions.

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For more information about how The Strategic Partner can assist you in obtaining cost-effective Professional Indemnity Insurance, you can call us on 0203 911 9710 or you can email us at You can also click the button below to complete an online enquiry form.

Professional Indemnity Applications – The Detail

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Law Firms Introduced Through The Strategic Partner.

The Strategic Partners are experts in the legal industry and we have applied our knowledge and understanding of law firms and their management to relationships with a panel of Brokers, providing Professional Indemnity Insurance solutions.

Solicitors Professional Indemnity Applications

Our Broker and Insurer Partners respect the knowledge and service that The Strategic Partner provides to law firms and you can expect positive attention when presenting your law firm through The Strategic Partner.

Through partnering with us and allowing us to introduce your firm to our network, you can be assured that we will apply our expertise and manage our relationships to obtain you market-leading insurance solutions that benefit your firm beyond the compulsory insurance requirements.

We work alongside a number of specialist insurance brokers who provide market-leading and exclusive solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance solutions.

Our arrangements enable us to introduce you to the best fit provider for your firm, enabling them to provide you with competitive terms for your professional indemnity insurance.

All policies acquired through an introduction by The Strategic Partner comes with the additional benefits of the Insurer funding: –

  • Membership to our law firm membership scheme 
  • A consultancy day with one of the market-leading experts
  • A digital marketing review that provides a deep insight into your online presence, with a series of recommendations that will enhance your online presence and winning of new business.

We will work with you to ensure there is a full understanding of your firm, enabling the quoting insurers to provide you with the best possible terms. We will use our relationship to ensure our partners are as competitive as possible, providing you with excellent pricing and benefits.

By arranging your law firm insurance through The Strategic Partner, you will receive a wealth of additional benefits that would not otherwise be available and are all focused on improving your firm and its profitability.

Getting You The Best Price & Products

At The Strategic Partner, we have an expert team who work with you to understand your practice and ensure the cover provided meets your requirements at a competitive price.

Our reputation with Insurers is a firm indication to them that firms who work with us take risk seriously and are making significant efforts to ensure their firm is a good risk and one whom they should insure. Once insurance is obtained, our work with you begins.

The Strategic Partner is on hand to support you and assist you in the running of your Practice. Alongside our internal expertise, we have access to a full range of marketing leading experts who have been chosen for the knowledge and expertise of the legal sector.

Through working with The Strategic Partner, you will have chosen a powerful ally to strengthen your firm across all aspects of law firm management and control.


To contact us and start the process for obtaining a quotation you can call us on 0203 911 9710, email us or click here to make an online enquiry.

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