Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent service that combines the latest robust Office desktop apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with the versatile storage option of using the Cloud. There are many undeniable positives to using Office 365, from ensuring that desktop apps are running on the latest patches, to the flexibility that Cloud based storage brings. Alongside this, firms that use Office 365 also save money by removing the need to run servers.


Despite the overwhelming positives, there is one chink in Office 365’s armour which has the potential to leave law firms high and dry. Microsoft doesn’t offer a full backup service for Office 365, leaving law firms that are reliant on continued access to their data potentially vulnerable to any outages or cyberattacks. This is fully outlined in section 6 of Microsoft’s service agreement, although as we all know most people don’t read the small print. The agreement explains that the user is responsible for protecting their data and that Microsoft is not responsible for any losses incurred due to outages.


While it may be conceivable that you could realistically back up documents or store them on a desktop, what is more concerning is that Office 365 doesn’t offer email backups for a given point in time. This effectively makes it impossible for an email account infected with ransomware to be returned to a point before the infection. Worryingly this leaves law firms, which are frequently targeted by cybercriminals, open to being ransomed. SharePoint and OneDrive for Business also have the same t’s & c’s, leaving communication systems and document sharing open to potential disruption.


Microsoft recommends that Office 365 users run their own backups to ensure that they can maintain business continuity and avoid losses from outages. LP Networks offers a comprehensive Managed Cloud Backup Service and can also provide Disaster Recovery Solutions. This leaves staff happy and confident in enjoying the freedoms and flexibility of using Office 365, without the worry that a catastrophic incident could lock them out of all their files, data and emails. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, our team has carefully researched the best products that work with Microsoft 365 and provide excellent coverage and security.


If you’re a law firm running Office 365 and are now concerned that you don’t have a backup system in place or are considering transferring to Office 365 and would like to discuss how LP Networks can support you, please get in touch. Call 0800 970 8980 or email

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