The Covid-19 pandemic and introduction of remote working has required law firms to adopt IT solutions that they may previously have been opposed to. Traditionally, law firms have always been slower to embrace the latest technology as they have minimal time to explore new IT solutions. There has been a fear that the security of case files and client information may be compromised.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the work from home order, The Law Society launched their ‘Return, Restart, Recovery’ campaign, which includes a section on Lawtech support and how to maintain cybersecurity. Within this campaign, The Law Society identified a number of IT issues that law firms should address.


Cyber Security and the potential for hacking

In the PwC Law Firms’ Survey 2020 respondents answered that the potential of a cyberattack was the second greatest challenge for law firms after Covid-19. 2020 saw firms increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals, with firms such as Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks falling victim to a ransomware attack

By the very nature of the information that law firms hold and the fact that they deal with the transfers of large sums of money, they are a prime target for criminals. The best way to protect client information and money is to ensure that effective cybersecurity measures are in place.


How LP Networks can help

LP Networks are an accredited Cyber Essentials Accreditation Body and work with our clients to help them guard against up to 88% of cyberattacks. Cyber Essentials Accreditation is now recommended by the Law Society for any firm seeking the Lexcel legal practise quality mark. Accreditation also shows clients and other businesses that you take the security of their information seriously and can open doors for larger commercial clients.

Alongside this, we also provide multi-layered cybersecurity solutions which include user awareness training, endpoint security, and daily backup and business continuity options.


Email Spoofing

The last year has seen an increase in email spoofing attacks. These happen when a cybercriminal steps into a conversation between a law firm and its client and impersonates the law firm. Reports in the national press have seen people scammed out of money for house purchases, life savings, and inheritances.

These attacks are usually the result of an innocuous and official looking email arriving in an inbox. A couple of clicks and a password and the scammers have all the information they need.


How LP Networks can help

Aside from offering comprehensive user awareness training that teaches staff how to spot a phishing email and other measures to avoid user error, LP Networks also offer an Email Threat Protection Service.

Email threat protection uses an effective system to identify email threats before they reach your inbox. By using continued analysis of patterns and scanning content for target phrases (among other things), the system significantly reduces the likelihood of viruses, malware and adware reaching your system. Additionally, it alerts you if it thinks that an email looks suspect, and you can block emails from countries, names, and domains.


Getting the most out of Cloud computing

As the country found itself suddenly working from home, many law firms started using Cloud based solutions for file storage, sharing, and communications. For many, this may have been a reactive solution to the need to work remotely and they may be paying for services that they aren’t using effectively.

The Cloud is a brilliant, cost effective way of ensuring that legal teams can access their files and important information whenever they need it. It can also be extremely secure. When used in the right way, a Cloud based system can reduce costs and increase productivity.


How LP Networks can help

Our teamwork with our clients to create scalable Cloud solutions that suit individual legal practices. From designing and installing a Private Cloud which utilises a secure data centre to hosted desktops, there is the perfect system for everyone.

As a Silver Microsoft Partner, we are also able to advise on Microsoft 365 and Teams and show you how to use the programme effectively. This training can help legal practices move forward from a reactive IT decision to a proactive IT strategy.

If you are a member of a law firm that is concerned about the impact a cyberattack could have on your reputation or would like to discuss how LP Networks can help use your Cloud Solution to its full potential, get in touch for a conversation with one of our team.


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