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Mitigo Cybersecurity

Worried about how to protect your firm from cybercrime, including ransomware attacks and email account takeover? The solution is Mitigo.

Every law firm, large or small, is now a target for cyber criminals. Automated attacks will find the vulnerabilities in your technology, poorly trained people and any inadequate policies or procedures, putting your business at risk.

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Which is why cyber protection is no longer the job of IT support: it requires specialist help.

Without adequate protection in place, firms could face theft of information, data, financial and intellectual property, serious business disruption, as well as reputational damage, and even potential for regulator action and fines.

The Mitigo Cybersecurity Solution

Mitigo’s support has been designed for law firms, to offer proportionate, affordable, ongoing security, to safeguard against cybercrime and includes a dedicated expert client helpdesk.

After assessing your risks, they will take care of the three areas needed to keep your firm safe:

  • Technology – includes detailed technology assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning
  • People – includes eLearning, testing and simulated phishing
  • Governance – includes policies, personalised staff cyber security handbook and risk management framework.

Emergency Cyber Breach Response

If you’ve suffered – or even just suspect that you’ve suffered a cybersecurity incident, you need to act quickly. Mitigo provides a rapid response, containment and investigation service, and can assist you with reporting obligations to regulators and clients.


Find out more about Mitigo’s Cybersecurity Services. Or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation, call 020 8191 1592 or email tsp@mitigogroup.com 

Find out more about Mitigo

Find out more about Mitigo

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