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Navigating the Closure of a Law Firm: A Comprehensive Checklist
April 23, 2024

1. Introduction

The decision to close a law firm is not one taken lightly. Whether prompted by financial challenges, strategic shifts, or other reasons, the closure process demands meticulous planning and execution to ensure compliance, protect stakeholders, and maintain professionalism.

Latest figures show that last year, up to the end of November 2023, 560 Recognised Sole Practitioners, Recognised Bodies, and Licensed Bodies (also known as Alternative Business Structures) closed. Over 50% of these ceased practising, and over 20% of these firm closures were due to mergers.

See the total figures here: Breakdown of firm closures by reason.

There are also examples where the decision may be taken out of a firm’s hands when The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) steps in to close a practice, known as an “intervention”. An intervention is a step taken to protect clients’ interests and money in the public interest. The latest intervention figures have yet to be reported. However, previous figures show that the SRA carried out 28 interventions from 1 Nov 2022 to 30 Apr 2023

2. Tasks and Considerations When a Closing Law Firm 

The closing of a law firm is complex, primarily due to the regulatory requirements. There are a host of considerations and actions that must be taken, and failure to close a firm properly will result in an SRA investigation, with the potential to damage the reputation of the owners of the firm, including risking sanctions or financial penalties.

To aid legal professionals in this daunting task, our compliance team at The Strategic Partner has developed a Pre-Decision and Post-Decision Law Firm Closure Checklist, encompassing the aspects of the closure journey. This checklist serves as a roadmap, guiding firms through the complex decisions and actions required for a smooth and orderly closure. An overview of what is included is below, but you can download the Pre-Decision and Post-Decision Law Firm Closure Checklist by clicking on the link HERE.

The checklist covers both pre-decision and post-decision tasks involved, such as:

2.1 Pre-Decision Tasks and Considerations

The checklist covers pre-decisions, tasks, and considerations with clear descriptions, covering matters such as:

  • Understanding the Rationale: Before closing a practice, it is essential to understand the rationale behind the decision and ensure that all options have been explored. This initial analysis sets the groundwork for future steps and ensures transparency in decision-making.
  • Exploring Merger Opportunities: When firms face closure, mergers can present a viable alternative. This checklist ensures a thorough assessment of potential merger opportunities.
  • Preserving Reputation: Consideration of the firm’s reputation is paramount throughout the closure process. Owners and staff must assess the potential impact on reputation and take appropriate measures to mitigate any adverse effects.
  • Financial Considerations: Financial viability is crucial when making closure decisions. Our checklist assists firms in exploring all funding sources and meticulously assessing financial implications, including professional indemnity run-off premiums and redundancy costs.
  • Stakeholder Consultation: Transparent communication with stakeholders is essential in achieving consensus on closure. Our checklist emphasises the importance of consulting all relevant parties and agreeing on the closure strategy.
  • Addressing Regulatory Issues: Regulatory compliance is non-negotiable in the closure process. Firms are reminded to identify and address all regulatory issues to ensure an orderly closure. 

2.2 Post-Decision Tasks and Considerations

The checklist extends beyond closure decision tasks and execution to post-closure obligations, including closure timelines, legal obligations, managing communications, file storage, staff redundancies, and financial management, covering the comprehensive range of tasks and descriptions of post-closure considerations such as:

  • Date of closure
  • Timelines and Milestones
  • Notifications
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – Run-off Cover
  • SRA Notifications
  • Aged Debt
  • Creditors
  • Leases Inc. Property
  • WIP/Disbursements & Billing
  • Client Communication
  • Staff Communication and Consultation
  • Managing of Work post-notification and pre-closure
  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • Systems
  • Transfer of Files
  • Redundancy
  • Companies House
  • Accountants
  • Banking
  • HMRC
  • Office Account Closure
  • Client Account Drawn Downs and Closure
  • Wills/LPA/Trusts/Deeds etc.
  • Suppliers and Contracts
  • Borrowings and Guarantees
  • Disbursements
  • File Storage
  • Undertakings
  • Accreditations
  • Disputes and Litigation
  • Press Coverage
  • Post Closure File Request Management
  • Website Updates
  • Administration
  • Post-Closure Agreements and Confidentiality

3. Specialist Law Firm Closure Guidance 

Closing a law firm can be challenging, involving navigating complex regulatory requirements and potential legal repercussions if not executed correctly. As an owner, you have crucial responsibilities whether your firm is merging, being sold, or closing entirely.

Additionally, while there may be various reasons why a law firm needs to close or is considering closure, it is essential to understand that it may not be the only option. Seeking expert external guidance can assist in ensuring that closing is the right decision or may direct you to a different path.

Furthermore, external guidance is indispensable for navigating closure complexities and ensuring regulatory compliance.

At The Strategic Partner, we provide tailored guidance to help you make informed decisions. From understanding regulatory considerations to crafting closure strategies, our team assists you every step of the way. Our Law Firm Closure Services encompass everything from formulating closure strategies to executing necessary actions. You can trust us to guide your firm through closure with expertise and care.

For more information on how we can help, call our consultants on 0203 911 9710 or email us at info@thestrategicpartner.co.uk.

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