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New Data Theft Attacks Act as Warning Sign to Take Cyber-Crime Responsibility Seriously
June 26, 2024

1. Introduction

A recent cyber-attack against an NHS technology provider, in which highly sensitive patient data was stolen and subsequently posted online, is another warning sign for firms to take compliance with Cybercrime and GDPR seriously and implement effective policies to control and communicate how data is protected.

Although not all firms handle data on the same scale as those involved in the recent attack, they still hold highly sensitive information. As a result, law firms have increasingly become prime targets for cyber criminals due to their possession of confidential records, critical intellectual property, and proprietary knowledge. Therefore, a successful cyber-attack could have far-reaching consequences beyond financial loss or regulatory sanctions, tainting the firm’s reputation and undermining client trust.

These increasing attacks emphasise the importance of protecting sensitive client information and maintaining firms’ hard-earned reputations. Despite this, many firms still lack the necessary precautions or procedures, leaving them susceptible to devastating cyber-attacks and regulatory scrutiny.

Firms must re-evaluate their existing systems, policies, and training programs to ensure full compliance with the SRA’s recommendations. Among these key recommendations are adopting multi-factor authentication, installing up-to-date antivirus software, and conducting regular security audits to identify and address any weaknesses.

In addition to technical measures, fostering a culture of awareness and vigilance is essential in mitigating cybersecurity risks. It is important to provide employees with comprehensive training on the latest cyber threats and best practices for ensuring data privacy and security. By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, law firms can effectively protect themselves and their clients from potential breaches and the resulting consequences.

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2. GDPR and Data Protection Audit Services 

All firms must ensure they have evaluated risk, remain compliant and ensure that all staff are aware of the potential cyber-security dangers with a robust strategy put in place and followed for improving cyber defence. Our GDPR audit will provide the firm’s management with the confidence of knowing that it is compliant with the requirements of the regulation and can demonstrate such compliance. We will identify any issues or concerns along with knowledge gaps and provide solutions and proposals to rectify these. Download our brochure to find out more about these services:

GDPR and Data Protection Audit

3. Regulatory Guidance and Support from Industry Experts

At The Strategic Partner (TSP), we have developed a compliance product that addresses each key stage of managing a compliant law firm. From implementing policies and IT system reviews to file audits and supervision, we work with you to implement a proportionate and sensible approach to compliance.

Our packaged risk and compliance solutions provide guidance and support to firms on a range of topics and include:

  • Our Risk, Regulation and Compliance Service (including AML), provides firms with the necessary Policies, Control and Procedures (PCPs) alongside training, supervision structure, an annual independent assessment and reporting. This solution ensures that firms and their staff are compliant and remain so. It also clarifies what to do in the event of a mistake and/or if a breach occurs.

If you would like guidance on how your firm should approach staff training, policies and procedures, including those for Cybercrime, GDPR and Data Protection, or you wish to confirm your firm is achieving the required standard, at The Strategic Partner we offer a range of solutions which include:

  • Review – A review of the firm’s approach to regulation and compliance to include all regulatory requirements and AML procedures. The output of this provides the firm with a written gap analysis and solutions to remedy any issues. Find out more about the Detailed Firm Strategic Review.

  • Cybercrime Training – Our Cybercrime Training is a training course specifically designed for law firms to understand, avoid or respond to a cyber-attack.

  • Full Training Courses – Whether you seek training on a one to one or group basis, The Strategic Partner has a range of training courses and mentoring programmes to suit any firm. We can also design any additional bespoke courses that you need. We train firms of all sizes, and our clients range from sole practitioners to multi-office, multi-service firms with overseas offices.

  • Auditing – Procedural staff, systems, and files to ensure procedures are up to the required standard and being implemented at case level with a report of the outcome. Find out more about our Auditing Services.

4. Get in Touch

For more information on The Strategic Partner and to discuss how we may be able to assist in accelerating your risk management or compliance and regulation or simply to keep this up to date you can call us on 020 3911 9710 or email us at info@thestrategicpartner.co.uk. 

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